Tid-bits ~~~~ for Thursday

Hummmm~~some of you are asking for certain things ~~ they are hard to come by when you are a single person.  But I will try.

Some are wanting recipes, ideas, etc.  There is only so much I can do on this.  However~~~~~.

I heard two men (shirts n ties) conversing over a “kind” of coffee, believe it or not, at Walmart. Since I am one who “enjoys” coffee, I took note, purchased some sample packages of the make they were taking about and tried it. I was very impressed.  I use Yuban.  But I am going to begin using what is called Laughing Man: 184 Duane St. Blend. It is certainly not bitter.  Contrasting in taste.  Tart apples and toasted graham cracker.  Really nice.  And another thing I like about it is that you can purchase sample Kcups ~~ 3 to a package at Walmart, on the free-standing Kcup display. And incidentally, you can purchase other packaged samples to try before getting a whole box of Kcups.  I like my coffee smooth but solid but not bitter.  This is perfect. Laughing Man Marketplace has other blends as well but this one is especially nice.

I still like getting my cold cuts from the deli and only what I will use in a couple of days.  Remember for cold cuts you ask for them to be sliced with a no. 3 slicer. This will be thicker than you are used to getting in pkgs., but also larger slices that you can cut in half and for two meals. If slices are too thick, lower the number they cut with. Cheese is different – I usually ask them to cut it so it is sandwich size – ask for a sample of their sizing. I ALWAYS make open-faced sandwiches.  I am not a bread lover.  I will begin in October to have two meals at Hines and the noon meal is so large, a lot of the residence take part of it home for supper time.

I also like getting cheese (Harvarti) and having it with crackers before going to bed.  Sometimes I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (open-faced) before bed.  The peanut butter is sold in a 12 oz. jar.  (Nice for one person – not so much). Jif makes it and the one I get is Maple flavored. Nice!

Don’t forget!  We are bucking up against the holidays.  I picked up some Stephens  Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa with Peppermint chips in it.  It is called their Candycane Cocoa. Very nice.  I also picked up some Alpine Spiced Apple Cider pkgs.  Nice, too!

I won’t be keeping as much foods on hand with two meals beginning at Hines. There will be times I don’t want to go over and then I can mince.  (speaking of “mince”, I also picked up a jar of Mincemeat). Yum.

I remember in Winnipeg, some ladies from the church would, every year,  make fresh mincemeat and I would always order enough for 3 good-sized pies.  Loren and I loved them.  No one else did. Buttttttt, it was all the more for us.

Do you sometimes forget to take your meds in the morning? Set one bottle of your meds on the countertop the night before, and do not put it away until you have taken everything you are supposed to the next morning.

Do you have lab. work to be done in the morning and no meds are to be taken before  hand?  Simply turn a med. bottle upside down on the countertop the night before and don’t put it away until you have taken what you need to the next morning, AFTER the Lab work.

Here are two recipes.  You have had them from me before, but both are good for this time of the year.


1# Velvetta Cheese, 1# Gd. Beef, 1# Gd. Sausage, mild.  1 T. Worcestershire Sauce and 1/2 tsp. Garlic Pwd.

Brown meats, drain.  Add cheese stir until melted.  Add seasonings.  Spread on Party Rye Bread (the 1″ sq. slices). Then layer them on a cookie sheet and put a sheet of waxed paper in-between each layer.  Freeze until unexpected guests drop by. Once they are frozen, put them in Zip-lock bags.


I enjoy these just for myself even.  Cook lean Gd. Turkey,  drain.  Add Teriyaki Sauce. then toss with some flaked coconut and chopped peanuts and serve in lettuce cups. I am not giving measurements of ingredients – use as much as you like: not a lot of coconut or peanuts but enough and Teriyaki Sauce is also according to your liking. Also for myself, I usually will use a half lb. of gd. turkey and go from there.

Whether I write about hints, recipes or whatever, still I end with the all important Word………………………….   Maranatha!               ’til next time then, Marge




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