The Beginning of the Rapture~~Sat.!

Isn’t that the best of the bestess news we could have this week!!!!!!!!

No!  I have not gone off the deep end.  It is just so STUPID how Satan is at work in even Pastors lives.

BEGINNING of the Rapture?  No. God’s Word says, “In the twinkling of an eye…..”

This Saturday?  No.  OH! I AM NOT SAYING IT CANNOT BE SATURDAY, but I AM saying in God’s Word He tells us that “NO MAN knows the time or the day”.

Oh dear ones!  The Christians are not of this world – we are only walking through.  Our home is in Heaven.  The rest: the good, the rich, the poor, ALL who do not have the name of Christian attached to them are headed for Hell.  Lots of people out there today call themselves Christians but they are NOT.  This is the reason:  Being a Christian is determined by what you do with the Lord Jesus Christ.  He personally said, “No man cometh onto the Father but by Me.”  Also, “There is no other Name, given among men, whereby we must be saved.”  This is not the prophets speaking, it was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  You either believe the Bible, or you don’t.

I do not know why He would want to save a wretch like me but He did.  He gave His life for me.  I am not about to bow to Satan in any way.  Oh, I have in my lifetime.  But forgiveness is always available “upon request”. Sometimes we feel that we are of no earthly good any more but believe me, when one Man will die for you, you are worth something.

God’s Word says “ALL” have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  But our avenue out of the clutches of Satan is found in repentance, accepting what the Lord did on the cross centuries ago and moving on.

Corrie ten boom wrote, “God takes all of our sin and puts it in the middle of His deepest ocean and puts a sign over it that reads, “ABSOLUTELY NO FISHING!”.

You educated, smart people ~~ get some sense in your heads while you have time.  There is salvation in no other.  Your good works.  Your strength in doing the right thing at the right time will net you NOTHING when you stand face to face with Him.  And believe me, YOU WILL.

The Rapture will begin on Saturday?  No mam.  No sir.  The Rapture will not BEGIN, but it will HAPPEN in THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE ~~~~~~ when GOD says so and not one moment sooner~~~~~~~~~~~~or later.

Always remember Noah.  It took him a hundred years to build the Ark.  People scoffed daily at him.  But guess what!  Their scoffing stopped when the waters got up high enough and there was no place for them to go and nothing to save them. It was God who closed the door of the Ark from the outside and it was NOT opened for anyone else.  It might be well to remember also – the people had never seen rain before. I can’t imagine what they thought or how they felt.  Needless to say, it was too late!!

God does not scoff.  God does not laugh at our wrong decision.  It breaks His heart. But if He COULD or WOULD do such a thing, I guarantee He would be the one scoffing………………..later.

Make a difference now for your soul.  It is an eternal decision that you are putting off and when the Rapture comes, it will be like the door of the Ark remaining closed and locked.

Eternally in His care.  Marge

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