For all of my Followers ~~~

I do appreciate each of you.  This time around, there seems to be a problem in working out the mechanics for the followers when I post.  It seems that in each block of “invitees”, the first person on the list is the only one that made “contact” between their computer and mine.  That means a very few will know automatically when I post.  I am sorry about this.  It may have happened when I closed out my domain.

The engineers got my domain un-cancelled (their term) and so I was able to get it back but after two attempts to get it going smoothly again it has failed.

My plans are to post Mondays and Thursdays for now.  Usually by 7am, AZ time, the post is active. With my move in view I need to do extra work each day so the packers/movers will be able to get their work done smoothly, come the 29th.

If you are one who wants to know when I post, if you will let me know via email, I will send you an “invite” and by thus doing one person at a time, it will then work.

Thanks for your patience and kindness.


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