Have you ever noticed~~~~

~~~~that people are all so different!  Ho hum.  There are times now that I am old that I wish I could do parts of my life over.  The part whereby I would go and visit the “old people”.  I was too wet-behind-the-ears to realize though they may have looked like they were on their last legs, but inwardly they were wishing so much for one more time to SHOP….or one more time simply to GET AWAY from their four walls.  Well.  Hindsight is always better than foresight, isn’t it!

The holiday season is beginning to show its face and it is a wonderful time of year.  In other years my Christmas cards were all addressed in August and all the gifts out of the way. When everyone else was going crazy in December, it was simply the most wonderful time of the year for me. (My horns glistened in those days). How I would LOVE to have those days return for just one moment in time.

The greatest “treat” anyone can give me is to call and say, “wanna go to Michaels”, or “wanna go to Savers?”  THEN ~~~~~~~~~~that holiday coffee, tea, sweets.

This morning I was able to finish my ordering for my new apartment.  Now it is a wait-to-open each package that arrives.  I can’t begin to say how much relief it is to be able to do all of my ordering of things online.  It would take forever with no car to go any where, and decide on things.

Well.  The Journey of life gives us many kinds of days ~~~~the kind we share,~~the kind we want to give~~the kind we want but never comes~~the family that used to be but is no longer~~ the home life that was so thrilling, so satisfying, now in the distant past and we wonder how we’ve made it this far.  The answer is the same as it ever was – through the love and constant care from our Lord.  He is enough.  He is sufficient.  You see, with Him he has known every single day of our lives from the moment He created us until right now and besides that, He knows how we will sit and sulk or we will rise above the fray and move on because the best is right there in front of us – straight ahead.

It is our duty, and our privilege to keep our eyes fixed on JESUS and Him alone. Life takes on power, brilliance and sufficiency when that happens.  The Journey takes on a new light as we can actually receive deliverance from it.

My Loren’s Journey has long been over~~almost ten years now~~coming up in June it will be a decade since we Journeyed in life together.  Almost ten years.  Yet, I feel his presence with me all the time.

This year has and is producing for me targets of remembrance that hit the bullseye smack in the middle.  2/14/17 we would have celebrated our 50th and in June I will celebrate a decade that he has been with his Lord. (Probably not even a minute though because a decade represents earth-time). I found a place in Prescott for escargot.  I will find a place here that serves it and I will be there on that day.

Is your Journey any thing like mine?  I am sure it is. I KNOW some of yours is.  Life carries with it the strength~~the power~~the fizzle-out that comes from time to time~~the ups and downs~~the highs and the lows~~that make up that tapestry that God is designing with each of us.  Oh.  The day will come when the tapestry of our Journey will be finished – completed by His hand. (Just as Loren’s was)  What a day that will beKeep motoring on my friend!

Maranatha!  Marge

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