~~~~a friend of many years drove all the way out here from the eastern end of Mesa, to bring an apple cider donut to me this afternoon.  What a feat that was – well over 50 miles ONE WAY.

She knew I loved the flavors of the holiday season, but didn’t know that when we went to Walmart yesterday, I was looking to see if the holiday decorations were out yet.  What fun!!

I am reminded of what Corrie ten Boom wrote long ago:  “This is what the past is for!  Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”  That certainly changes my perspective in many ways.  And it also gives me a different attitude regarding issues in life.

It is so wonderful to have a friend, a bit older than I am, who has walked many of the challenging moments in time.  When we talk we can converse in an honest fashion because we know and have experienced the feelings, the hurts, the ups and downs, ins and outs of simply living the “Journey” of life and all the kinds of life that is dumped into the “Journey” of the mind and body as well.

How’s your “Journey” gone today?  Hope you have had moments precious to your heart as well as moments that perhaps have tested you a bit which in turn causes us to grow in ways that never can happen when all is well.

‘Til next time then.  Marge

Interesting point.  Corrie was born 4/15/1892 and went Home 4/15/1983. It is a Jewish custom that celebrating your birth and your death on the same date is the unique gift of a very special person. Corrie was a very special person.  God used her mightily.



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