Ah~~~ Yesterday ~ It was Sunday, wasn’t it!

My plans have been to write a mini Bible Study for Monday mornings and that I will, but this week I want to write about another topic:  my CHURCH!!!!!!

I have not been in church for two months. Yip.  You read correctly!  If it wasn’t the feet, it was the knees or it was the back which dominated most of my problem days/nights. The pastor emails the sermon to all who are absent each week. That helped.

I missed Emmanuel Baptist.  It is hard to explain this church.  Small.  Lovely interior.  Good preaching.  Good music.  You notice the one item I have not mentioned????  The people. All seniors.  I can’t tell you of a single person that came in without a smile on their face. There are some hurting people there. Their days are numbered, and they know it.   But it seems that they realize they are not dying.  They are preparing to begin to live.  They know that when their time on this earth is finished, they may be going back to the soil but then they will rise again and forever be alive for all eternity.  THAT can make any Christian shout PRAISE THE LORD~~~~~. No tears, no sorrow, no separation, no more pain, always and forever in His presence!

The members remembered me (I joined on Mother’s Day).  I have not been there too long but they called me by my first name – assuring me they had missed me and had been praying faithfully for me.

There is NOTHING cold about this church.  I attended another church a few times before going to EMMANUEL.  Always complained afterwards.  Someone from our North Campus said, “why don’t you try Pastor Dan’s church?  Everyone who goes there, stays there.”  So I did.  And yes – I “stayed there”. (Interesting side point: the gal who introduced me to Emmanuel does not go there as yet.  This past Thurs. was Frys day and our bus picks up those wanting to go to the store from  both north and south campuses and she was on the bus and sat by me.  We talked as we passed the church that is “cold” to us.  She said, “I wish I could go to Pastor Dan’s church”.  Yes.  We are working on the ride.  The gal who takes me to church lives only a few doors from her.  It won’t be long.  She will be so happy at Emmanuel.)

These seniors have more spunk and get up and go than I have seen in a long time.  They enjoy life.  The church seems to be on fire for the Lord in ways that you don’t see in other churches.  The Pastor  preaches down to earth – understandable – good news for all of us.  He has a very unique presentation and he is an earthly shepherd that cares so much for the flock that the Lord chose for him.

Emmanuel Baptist Church, here in Sun City.  If you are looking for a church home or you need something that speaks to your soul and lights the pilot light in your heart, this is the church to come home to every weekend. If you need a ride there are seven cars that are from the north campus and there is always room for more.

It was good to go back “home” Sunday morning.  Wanna stop by?  You will never be the same.  Morning Worship Service is at 10am, in the Chapel of the beautiful church. Address: 12225 N. 103rd Ave.  You too, might become a part of that “everyone that goes there – – – stays”.

Only by His Grace,  Marge

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