We have a life-time in progress, don’t we!!!

Our journey in life continues onward.  We, who are Christians, have our eyes firmly fixed on the road ahead.  Along the way we will have detours, rocks on the road to maneuver around, storms around and within us but clearly,  we fix our eyes “cemently” on the horizon.

Along the way we have the opportunity to encourage and uplift those around us.  Dwight L. Moody once said, “Out of one hundred men, one will read the Bible and the other ninety-nine will read the one.”  May I ask?  Which are you?  The “one”, or a part of the “ninety-nine”?

On the golf course, my husband was the “one” more than once.  Result(s)?  One golfer who was geared to retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces shortly and turn pro in golf, found himself in seminary instead, and becoming a pastor.

Two golfers became Christians, actively serving in their denominations.   Another time a coffee shop full of golfers at noontime heard/saw four men enter, one had a hole-in-one and was buying the other three beers.  As he called it out, Loren followed right in step with him and said,  “And make one of them a 7up”. Everyone in that coffee shop witnessed a man making a difference in one small way because there were those there who noticed.

I like that.  He encourages me still, to keep on the journey of loving my Lord, living for Him, and keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus” and the “road” up ahead.

Jim Elliott wrote once, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”   “Wherever you are – be all there”.


(I am posting again.  Been ask to please write.  Never thot it was that important except I enjoyed writing.  Now I am so humbled by a couple of you who have looked each morning to the “news of the day as Marge sees it”.  lol. Not too sure about that!!  But I love writing and having stopped for a bit made me realize how good it was to be a part of making a difference on the “journey” that I, and you, are on.

It is a tremendous journey.  Let’s don’t miss any of it. Reason?  We are being led Home.  We are not citizens of this world.  We are only passing through.  Let’s leave our mark on those non-christians that pass our way.  Not with a Bible open in one hand and shouting hell, fire and damnation, but living out a Christ-filled life and making a difference in that non-christian’s life whether they voice it or not.  They WILL know by our love that we ARE Christians through and through.)


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