Moving on is sometimes ~~~~~

~~~~easier than one might think.  With my work for P2C now behind me and my blog “just about” behind me I am going to have more time to get into trouble. Buttt, having said that I have no intention of getting into trouble.

I have grown passed that stage and into the stage that my favorite author got into and I thought she was out of her mind.  There are times though when you get to the stage of life that that one special person got to and you “understand” exactly what they were thinking and writing.

I have so many studies that I have wanted to make through the years and thought someday I will do that – – well – – the “someday” is now here.

Also been bringing things up to date around here.  Got a new telephone directory and deleted a lot of names/numbers that I no longer care about in my directory. We really do let a lot of things simply “go” in life thinking we will tackle that later but the “later” never comes.  I have brought up all of my email addresses that I want to have and my computer has had a lot deletion going on these days.  I am so glad I can do this.  It is such a wonderful feeling cleaning things up and even getting them into a new setting.  What will really be great will be on July first I can delete Facebook and not have to see it on my screen any more.  Why wait until July first?  Because my Blog is “attached” to it and without it no one can automatically pull up Moments with Marge which will be available until July first.

The piano has arrived – I think I have told you that.  I have been working out a bit on it but it really is not too good.  It is scheduled to have its overhaul Thursday 6/22. So I have a lot of future piano work coming due as soon as the piano has been given a clean bill of health.

I have a new phase of piano work to do.  I did it for myself when I was a Dir., Music Ministries and now I can do it for another Worship Leader and help his Ensemble work better at rehearsals because of the recording that I will be doing for them.  Some of you remember those times ~~ I would tape your part 3x, then add another part with it 3x and then add the accompaniment 3x.  Amazing how you sounded at rehearsals.  I love doing it because as I work I can see how you produce as a result of my work.  I will do the recording and our Worship Leader will burn the CDs for the group.  Two peas in a pod working together to make pea plant super great!!!!!!!!!!! (Okay.  Maybe that is a bit extreme) lol

I do plan to do a special on Sundays whenever it is needed and continue to play at Woodmark Assisted Living on Sunday afternoons with Pastor Dan who brings a message, light in flavor but strong in the Word. There were 18 attending last Sunday. Sweet, sweet people.  All of them in their late chapter of life – all of them would have stories galore to tell.  All of the lives that we could race through so quickly in time would flood our hearts with tears and joy for each of them.

Last evening I looked out my door to see the big white van with no windows and watched as what once was a life was being gently put in the van.  I wondered.  What did that life hold?  Had they been happily married?  Did they have a family somewhere, saddened by their departure?  Were they a Christian?  If not…… heart for a moment in time sunk because there would be no future moment in time when they just “might” accept the Lord as Savior.  With that thought, I closed the door and as I looked up I saw my beloved Loren with the portrait light beaming brightly on his quiet face. I “knew” where he was. How did I know that???  Actions speak louder than words. The results from his life showed it. I also “knew” where I would be going someday when the Heavenly Father decides it is my time.

In retirement alone, we had over 15 million minutes together.  Sound like a lot? NOPE!!!!!  Never did we have enough time together!!

Fellowship with the Lord is precious and seldom do we get below icing and into the cake so as to speak.  Time is so wonderful to know that you CAN choose what you do with it and make it count.

You and I have “this moment” in time…………………………………………………….and it is gone!!

You have 86,400 seconds in your day.  What are you doing with them!~!~!~!~!

In His Hands and On His Road.  Marge H.


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