God was not Scarce with His “Energy Bars”~~~~~

Some have asked for a listing of the Word of God that has helped me through the journey I have been on. As well I have worked with Power to Change, an extension of Campus Crusade,  over a decade now and I have just ended that phase of work this week.

I want to give you some of the important vss. used in helping others along the way, too.  It might be a “vitamin” for you to use in talking with others about your Lord.

The vss. are many.  I have wondered how to lay it out.  If I print out the vss. there will be many, many pages for you to sift through.  That would not be too inviting. I will list the vss. by Books. Following that listing, I will give a few other vss that will give you a potpourri of thinking.  NOT NECESSARILY will it be in the order found in the Bible.

To keep from repeating the Bible used on most vss. it will be shown as thus:  * NASB.  ** NKJV. *** LB. ****NIV    I don’t show the version used on a lot of them because the wording was not sufficiently lacking in speaking to my soul.  Here we go.

2 Chronicles

20:17 ****


31:15a *, 37:23.24 *, 50:15 ***, 56:8 * 103, 139:16 *


30:21, 33:6a*, 40:31,  43:18, 19a*,  46:4***, 54:5*, 55:8,9*


17:7,8, 33:3


14:6*, 14:29*




3:13,14, 4,13


12:1,2, 13:8*


Scriptures of interest – and of importance to know/memorize/use

Rom. 12:2 from The Message.  EXCELLENT – right up to date – current.

John 10:16.  “other Sheep”. That’s the GENTILES!  That is you and me!!

John 11:25, 26. Dynamite!!!!

Matt. 11:28-30.  Vs. 28. “rest”. Peace WITH God through salvation.  Vs. 29. “rest.  Peace OF God through surrender of life.

Matt. 13:58.  God is prohibited from working miracles in my life MANY TIMES because of UNBELIEF.

Isa. 11:15.  “Tongue”. Suez Canal.  “Egyptian Sea”.  Red Sea.

Matt. 6:33.  “Seek ye first – – not only”.

Psa. 103:12. WOW!  You can count on this!  The past ended one second ago!!

Psa. 40:17a.  You occupy His attention.

Gal. 5:22, 23.  The Fruit of the Spirit is NOT Spirit-Control, but self-control under the leadership of the Spirit.

Phil. 4:13. Victory in Jesus!!!!

Phil. 4:19. God’s blank check.  He provides a supernatural provision for ALL our needs.

1Thess. 4:16, 17.  THIS IS THE RAPTURE!!!!!!!!!!

1Thess. 5:16-18.  Vs. 18 is absolute guarantee against emotional depression.  You need to recognize that God has a plan including even the most unhappy circumstances which work for your long-range good.  He does not say FOR everything give thanks, but IN everything. (I could not thank Him FOR Loren gone away but I can thank Him IN the fact that He (God) is right here with me every step of the way – through the grief, healing, beginning life again and so on.  He IS sufficient in ALL ways.

2Tim. 1:2.  Grace for every step..Mercy for every stumble..Peace for every situation.

Heb. 9:27.  The NIAGARA FALLS of LIFE.

Heb. 11:3.  Evolution contradicts the Bible!!!!

FIRSTS in the Bible:

Gen. 1:26  Trinity.  Gen. 2:21a Sleeping pill. Gen. 2:21b Surgery. Gen. 3:12. Excuse.  Gen. 4:17.  Woman after Eve.  Gen. 4:17.  Murderer.  Gen. 4:20.  Cattleman.


Musician…Gen. 4:21.  Foundry…Gen. 4:22.  Second sleeping pill…Gen. 15:12. Hospitality…Gen. 18:6.  Solemn Prayer Recorded…Gen. 18;23-33.  Recording of Incest…Gen. 19:31-38.  Piece of property owned by Abraham…Gen. 21:30. GPS…Matt. 2:9.

Ishmael:  represents the Arabs!  ISAAC:  represents the JEWS.

Reconciliation..Matt. 5:23-26.  Grey Hair.  Prov. 16:31.  Pride before a fall.  Prov. 16:18. Forgiving formula.  2Cor. 2:5-11.  If Paul wasn’t safe from the toehold of Satan, I had better be more alert!!

SATAN: transformed into an angel of light.  2Cor. 11:13-16. CHRIST:  I am Who I Am. Exodus 3:14.

Catalog of 21st Century Vices.  2Tim. 3:1-5.

Between Duet. 34:10 and Mark 9:4, there were 1,500 years.

My two life verses.  If you don’t have your own, it is important for you to find.  Mine have been my crutches many times.

Jere. 29:11…LB.  Isa. 46:4…LB.


Let’s say I do not know where John 3:16 is found, nor do I know all of the words in the verse. So I come to my computer and I google it.  All you need is to know a word or two and the computer does the rest for you. I put in, “Where is ‘God so loved’ found in biblehub.com?”  Click.  And you will have your answer!! I like biblehub.com because all of the versions, translations, etc. come up at once so you can see them all, read them and find the one that shouts to your soul.

OKAY!  You now have “The Word Indigestion”, I am sure.  But you will not hear from me again, so this is my gift to you. Print it.  File it where you can get your hands on it.  And down the road, some day, you will give to someone  what you have learned and used, just as I have done for you.

Enjoy.  Print out if you want a hard copy.  My posts will remain on the computer until the end of June, 2017.

In His Hands and On His Road….. “The Lord thinketh on me…”  Psa. 40;17a.  Marge H.

ANYONE who finds a mistake, please let me know.  My computer has been doing funny things tonight and I have read and re-read but still, I am having problems.  Thanks for your help. mh





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