The piano is no longer coming ~~ It is HERE!!!!!!

Okay!!  Od has scurried to his safety net a/k/a “under the bed”.  Loren is safely “hanging” overhead.  And “I” am not disappointed.  It ain’t as bad as I thot it might be, though there will be   L–O–T–S   of work to be done on it but you know what!!!!  I can see the finished product and the Lord has given and I simply say “thank you” and know what it will be like in a few days or weeks.

I am soooooo grateful – I didn’t dream of having one again….I didn’t ask for one… simply became known on my Pastor’s heart that I could be a help to EBC if a piano was in my home, I guess.  Pastor Dan and Glen, our Worship Leader, saw to it that it arrived today.  I will help in whatever way Glen deems helpful, his Ensemble., and however else the musical side of the service(s) can be graced with thanksgiving.




Well!  It will be beautiful ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in time.

Thankfully…. in His Hands and on His Road.  Marge





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