A busy day, it was ~~~~

The day is over and almost bedtime.  The piano arrived, I did three loads of laundry, moved furniture around, and found that it was time for me to call it a day before my body forced me to quit by some silly thing happening.

I look at my calendar and see that tomorrow will be the 13th.  One more week until the 20th.  Each year I am at this point in time, both looking back to see where I have come from and looking forward praying God’s control, grace, mercy and peace on my life.  Loren will soon be Home for 9 years. At times I just can’t seem to realize it has been so long and at other times I wonder where time has gone.

Also on the 20th will be my last posting on my Blog. It is time, THIS TIME, to call it quits.  I remember a few years back when my favorite author was giving up her computer but still inviting friends to meet for coffee, brunch or whatever.  Her reason?  She wanted more time to study God’s Word.  I could NOT understand WHAT she was doing.  I do now.  Because I am there.  No.  I am not giving up the computer yet but giving up some areas that drain my time.  I, too, want to spend more time in study.  When you are going to spend eternity with some One, you want to know ALL about them  that is possible to know.  Of course, knowing it all will never happen but I can certainly do “more better” than otherwise.

It has certainly been fun during the holiday seasons to share so many recipes from other times in my life. If you learned nothing else, I hope you have learned that it is alright to step outside your comfort zone with foods when you have guests coming.  Just do one thing differently and make it special. Don’t slop things onto the table.  The butter dish may look like fingers instead of a butter knife got into it. Don’t use your fingers to transfer food to a guest’s plate.  Disgusting! When you have guests who like coffee don’t offer them instant coffee just because it isn’t your thing.  They are your guests! Make enough coffee for seconds as well.

You Seniors know that you are alright.  The things that happen to you will happen for a long time to come.  Know that you will get past them when the time, for you, is right.  I have had many mileposts on this journey and each one, I found, makes things easier as time goes by.

I have felt for a very long time that I could never play the piano again.  But somehow, the Lord has subtly nudged me along with people who have been so gracious to me and though a time or two I have felt difficult moments. But, all of a sudden last Sunday when I was doing a 15 min. Prelude, my thoughts let me enjoy the music and grace the sounds for those coming to the service.  For a moment in time, Seniors, I almost felt guilty because I had not thought of Loren and his tender moments when I would leave the piano area to sit with him for the messages.  But in my heart I knew God had brought me further than I had been in over a decade.  And He continues to lead me on.

“Precious Lord, take my hand – – lead me on – – help me stand – – I am tired, I am weak, I am worn; Thro’ the storm – – Thro’ the night – – Lead me on to the light  – – Take  my hand, Precious Lord, lead me Home.”

Music by Thomas A. Dorsey. Words by George N. Allen.

(I accompanied a retired pastor when he was singing one evening.  When he introduced me as his accompanist, he said, “Marge is the only white accompanist I know with back hands.”  He was funny!!!  But I love this song in a deep southern style, not warm and prayerful as some like it.  It touches the very bottom of your soul  when you are “deep into it!”)

God is amazing.  He will always meet you where you are but he will never leave you where you are.  He created each one of us – – He is still re-molding, re-creating, re-shaping us so that we can be all that He wants us to be.  How do you put an ocean in a teacup!!

In His hands and on His road.  Marge

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