The Woman!!

I read this devotional online this morning.  I wanted to share it with you.  I think Charles Spurgeon is one of my very favorite persons from another era.

June 21, 2018

Faith’s Check Book, Daily Entry

C. H. Spurgeon

June 21

A Woman’s War

The Lord shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. (Judges 4:9)

Rather an unusual text, but there may be souls in the world that may have faith enough to grasp it. Barak, the man, though called to the war, had little stomach for the fight unless Deborah would go with him, and so the Lord determined to make it a woman’s war. By this means He rebuked the slackness of the man, gained for Himself the more renown, and cast the more shame upon the enemies of His people.

The Lord can still use feeble instrumentalities. Why not me? He may use persons who are not commonly called to great public engagements. Why not you? The woman who slew the enemy of Israel was no Amazon but a wife who tarried in her tent. She was no orator but a woman who milked the cows and made butter. May not the Lord use any one of us to accomplish His purpose? Somebody may come to the house today, even as Sisera came to Jael’s tent. Be it ours not to slay him, but to save him. Let us receive him with great kindness and then bring forth the blessed truth of salvation by the Lord Jesus, our great Substitute, and press home the command “Believe and live.” Who knoweth but some stout-hearted sinner may be slain by the gospel today!

Amen!  Marge H.


A Decade = 3,650 days. 87,600 hours, and 5,256,000 seconds!

Once we know how to face it, and realize that we have lived through it and still remain standing,  it can be life changing.

Loren and I had more than 359,160 hours of married life together and part of that was in retirement for 30 years.  We NEVER EVER had enough time.  I can’t explain it. I only “know it”.

Geothe wrote, “We are shaped and fashioned by those we love”.  I always felt so complete when Loren was there.  When I heard the garage door go up, I would go to the door to meet him.  I knew he was home and we were together.  Our marriage never lost its glow. My pleasure was in being Loren’s wife.

Our final anniversary dinner was 2/14/2008.  As we were ordering,  the waiter asked how long we had been married.  I told him. He thought we had been married only a short while.

One of the satisfying aspects of our marriage was we never let it become “old hat”. One of Loren’s feelings of satisfaction was that he did not have to be the one to always be the one to kindle the fire of intimacy.  I believe a husband deserves to know that he is loved and wanted, as much the wife deserves to know that she is loved and wanted.  It isn’t always that way in marriages.  It was a very important factor for us, in keeping the marriage fully “spiced.” Throw the etiquette bit out the window – satisify your husband.  The thrill will never stop for you.

Christmas, 2007, we planned to give our children our portrait.  We had windows of time but some of them did not last long and we would have to cancel the appointment.  The photographer was so kind to us.  After three cancellations, they said when we had that window of time again, simply get ready, call them when we were on the way and they would clear an appointment for us.  They did just that! So Christmas of 2007, we were able to give our children the portrait.  We both knew it would be Loren’s last Christmas.

It is now June 20th, and at 11:22 a.m. it will officially be one decade without my Loren. That love continued even after he no longer was there with me.  It seeped through the lid of the casket as I laid my head gently upon it. It seeped through the struggles and the changing moods of my life.  Today – it drips quietly into my life and nourishes my soul.

Life is all about the beautiful small moments not just earth-moving biggies.  Great as they are, they do not make up the day to day, moment to moment active love life.  It is seeing a rainbow together.  It is sitting in the backyard at night together and hearing the whistle of a train off in the distance.  Often Loren would comment, “It sounds so peaceful and mysterious,” and I would feel the touch of his hand. He loved to hear trains.

He planned our honeymoon.  We went to Banff.  We took the train.  Beautiful moments were experienced as we heard the train wheels on the track.  It was mid minus 30’s and all night long the train chugged along at a slower speed because of the depth of the coldness outside. The meals on board were served on white tablecloths and silver service and the waiters looked so sharp in their black uniforms. As we had our coffee and breakfast, we enjoyed seeing the beautiful Canadian Rockies and our hearts were so full, words did not have to be used – Silence spoke volumes.

Loren always – without fail – thanked me for a meal. It was just part of his routine of life. It could have been a cookie and a cup of coffee mid afternoon, or supper as we watched a Suns basketball game together.  Sometimes I would be baking and he would come up behind me, put his arms around me and say, “Boy, that looks good”.  I would tell him we would have some as soon as a fresh batch came out of the oven. But always, and forever,  the “thank you” would be there.

Enjoy the little things of life because one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things for you.

Loren has walked through a “House of life” and as the front door slowly and lovingly began to close, there was  a remembrance of a life of 98 years well lived.  I took one last look and noticed four long-stemmed red roses, silently off to one side beckoning for one last glance, one last goodbye and then they seemed to fade out of sight.  As I turned, the door silently closed.

As for Loren  – in some way he will always be there – – in a thought – – in a storm – – in an expression – – in a sight – – in a desire – – in a doubt – – in seeing something at the grocery store  – – in seeing a sunset – – in a help – – in a feeling – – – – in a “silence”.

Two examples:  (1)  I have had major back problems this week and as I was lying in bed yesterday afternoon, it came to my mind how Loren had one exercise that he did every morning for his back. I started doing that exercise.  (2) About a year ago I wasn’t remembering to take my meds consistently.  As I stood at the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, I remembered how Loren used to set one of his meds on the counter the night before and in the morning would see it and know he had not taken them yet.  Sooooooo.  I began doing the same thing.  In both examples, he was definitely a part of my correcting my problem(s).

Yes.  So true.  “We are shaped and fashioned by those we love”

I would keep his prescriptions on hand and his bottles refilled. Always he would thank me for doing that.  Maybe it would be over lunch or later in the day when he stopped for a kiss.  But always – that thank you would come some way, some how, at some time and the thrill of fulfilling a need was so satisfying.  Yip. It was the little, mundane, daily, unnoticed-at-times things that became a life style for us.

There will be other things that will touch my life this coming year.  It will be because Loren’s life showed constant, quiet discipline in ways that only now become a part of my life, all because of the quiet impression that was shown all through the years.

My love for Loren never waned.  It only strengthened. It has been a journey, whereby I started the love bit at forever and planned to end it at never.


  Oil Painting of Loren

     Painted by Lia Bardin Bomar, G’daughter



Remembering ~~~~

Marge Humphrey



A New Beginning…..with an old flame! Ah yes. …..Music!!

I have been a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Sun City for just over a year now. Have had several months when I could not attend church due to my back.  The back, seemingly, is something that I am learning I will have to live with and to make the best of it. Two back surgeons have told me I am not a candidate for surgery.  Be that good or bad, I can’t tell you.

But besides that problem, music has always been some where, some way, some how, not too far from me.  Some times loathing it.  Some times enveloping it.  Some times hating it.  Sometimes!  Sometimes!  But always it has lingered and stubbornly been in the background one way or another.

The church has been very appreciative of God’s gift to me.  I have done the morning prelude  several times and I have enjoyed it.  Last week I was asked to do a special this coming Sunday morning, June 24th.  I am excited about it!  I don’t know how long I will be able to play but the fact that I can play and the fingers still will do the work and the mind is still together enough to make it all happen,  I find to be very encouraging.

My mind goes back years ago when I had Youth Choir, CnC Choir, Worship Choir plus group rehearsals each week.  A mind and fingers that worked quickly along with those 3″ heels. Fast pace! A time when I carried notebooks of music with me to fill any need a pastor might decide on the spur of the moment that he wanted. Deadlnes! Ah yes!  There was a time.

Then the horrible tsunami that hit my soul.  Thirteen notebooks all prepared, some with music that I no longer could find or purchase….Tossed one Sunday afternoon into the trash bin.  Five pianos, each one thinking I would be able to pick music up again.  Not so!!!  The opportunity was mine, here in Sun City to pick up again and play as I once had at Grace Community in Tempe, so long ago.  The director told me they considered their choir small when they had 100 out on a Sunday morning.  Beautiful, beautiful music.  I threw it all away.  Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get out of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the old woman has lowered the heels and the body does not look as it once did and time is taking its toll, but even so I can still play and I believe in a pleasing way for my Lord.  After all.  He gave it to me.  All I have to do is use what He gave.  He will take care of the production of it, I am sure.

I have chosen a piece of music that I have had quite a few years but never played it publicly.  It is entitled, “Jesus Loves Me”,  (based on Clair de Lune).  Clair de Lune is very prominent.  Jesus Loves Me is very prominent.  Beautiful arrangement.

In OT times, it was very important, that music be skilled.  Psa. 33:3. 1Chron. 15:22.  David had a choir of 288 voices – all skilled.

We want to do our best, work hard at the music and shine – – both those in the “performance mind of things” and those in the “ministry mind of things”.  We all want to do our best buttttttttttttttttt…………………..the ministry minded person goes one step further and that is 2Kings 3:15. “Then it happened when the musician played, that the Hand of the Lord came upon him(her)”.      One word:  “ANOINTED”!

Oh I pray whenever and wherever I play again that I will do my VERY BEST so that the Lord can anoint my music. It has always been my deepest yearning.

God cares about what I give Him:  Is it my best, or is it my best excuse!!

Because of Him!


Oh Time! Be Still……

Funny!  Time seems to race.  Other times it mopes along and yet the second hand on the clock stays within perfect rhythm and never misses a click.

Today is the tomorrow that we were concerned with yesterday.  Can’t sleep tonight.  Had back problems for two days – in bed most of the time with that.

Loren maintains his being in my thoughts.  Out of no where I remembered, tonight,  how he would always do a back exercise every morning faithfully before getting out of bed. I remember saying to him, “You are so disciplined”.  He would fire back, “I am not disciplined”.  But everything is relative.  It was his consistency that became his middle name it seems.  Always so consistent in everything; temperament, likes, dislikes, following through, staying true to his Lord. It was in his silence that he spoke volumes.

Have you ever just sat and thought about time?  We always say, “past, present, future”.  But in reality it is the reverse.  We have future first (tomorrow), then it becomes present (today) and then when today is over it becomes past (yesterday). Then the cycle begins all over again.

There is no place in the OT that speaks of time. The understanding of time came from how it described the events of human life and God’s interaction with people.  Time was measured from harvest and agricultural occurrences.  Ruth and Naomi arrived in Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest (Ruth 1:22).

For the Greek, things did not happen “in time”.  Things happened and the happenings were time.

Oh Time!  Be Still!


the Bible vs. the Cults!

I make no apologies at all for my Blog.  Some of your emails to me will no longer be looked at or considered for a response because what you are concerned with is in direct contradiction to my beliefs and there is no way, no where, no how, whereby I will even study the possibility of changing my beliefs.  Anything that contradicts the Bible is a Cult.  PERIOD. ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband years ago taught on the Cults. and he used as one of his main materials a book entitled, The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin.  I have a family member from another era, involved heavily for years in the Bahai beliefs.  Absolutely sickening!!

Let me give you a glimpse of what they so-call “believe in”.  This is from Mr. Martin’s book.

“There was no virgin born Son, there was only a Persian student; there was no miraculous ministry there was only the loneliness of exile;  there was no power over demons, there were only demons of Islam; there was no redeeming Savior there was only a dying old man; there was no risen Savior there was only Abdul Baha; there was no Holy Spirit, there was only the memory of the prophet; there was no ascended High Priest, there was only the works of the flesh; and there was no coming King, there was only the promise of a new era. (Martin 257)

Now.  I want to share a bit with you so that you can perhaps understand the absolute emptiness and uselessness of the whole bit, be it Bahai or whatever.  Though the Bahai beliefs are not the same as others, still they are false – they are totally, totally wrong – and empty.  The one thing you all seem to have in common, more or less, is Unity and Works.

“The roots of the bahai faith go back to a nineteenth-century religion called “Babism”.  Babism, which broke off from the Shiite form of Islam, was founded in 1844 in Persia (now known as Iran). The founder a young businessman who assumed the title “Bab” (which means “the Gate” or door to spiritual truth), began to proclaim a new religious system that took a marked departure from his Islamic roots.  For example, he stated that the religious prophets were divine ‘manifestations’ of God himself.  He then proclaimed himself a prophet or manifestation of God greater than Muhammad and claimed that he was sent by God ‘to replace Muhammad’s religion and laws with his own’.  (1). He also saw himself as a ‘forerunner’ to an even greater manifestation destined to emerge later.  This person would be ‘the World Teacher who would appear to unite mankind and usher in a new era of peace’. (2)

That was the beginning and from there it went to Subh-I-Ezel and then Mirza Husayn Ali. He then assumed the name Baha’u’llah.  At 75 he died in 1892.  His oldest son, Abdu’l-Baha was given sole authority to interpret his teachings.  He proved quite successful in spreading the faith outside of the Muslim world. (3)”

  1.  John Boykin. “The Baha’i Faith, A Guide to Cults and New Religions. Downers Grove, Ill; InterVarsity. 1983, 26
  2. Edmond C. Gross, “Baha’i Cults and the Occult  Phillipsburg, N.J. P&R Publishing 1974, 3d ed. rev., and end. 1994, 146-47
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Gen. 1:1. In the beginning, God.

John 3:16.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

In John 15:26,  Jesus speaks to His disciples and tells them, “But when the Comforter (God the Holy Spirit) is come, whom I (God the Son) will send unto YOU from (God the Father………..)”

In 2Cor. 13:13,14, Paul writes, “All the Saints greet you.  The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.”

In Ephes. 2:8,9, Paul continues writing and says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.  For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

Dear friends we (the Christians) are in a warfare with Satan as the Leader a/k/a the angel of light. God would NEVER give us direction to someone else who would take our allegiance away from Him to them.  NEVER!  NEVER!  

Know God’s Word.  Memorize it. Know what you believe.  Know why you believe. Don’t share what some verse has done for you.  They will counter with theirs.  Share what the WORD says on a given subject.  It is always the Word vs. the Cult. I have been told at times, “that’s your belief, I have my belief too.”  God’s Word is here to stay. God will have the last word – that we know because we know by whom ALL THINGS were made.  

And yes.  You do have to believe the Bible.  But if you don’t, you are in for a very difficult eternity.

I have zeroed in on the Bahia belief.  But it is only one.  There are so many others out there just as false and unreal and offering what a person can “feel” and encouraging “works”.

May God keep us strong and our eyes on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who came, who died, who rose again, who will be returning in the twinkling of an eye for His own.

In His Hands.  Marge H.


Charles Spurgeon .. WOW !

I love reading the sermons of this man.  Truly a man of God. His writings almost seem as though he is writing and delivering them in today’s culture.  I receive his daily Devotional.  Thought you might be blest with todays thinking from him.  Here tis……

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Faith’s Check Book, Daily Entry

C. H. Spurgeon

June 14

He Constantly Abides

For the Lord will not forsake his people for his great name’s sake; because it hath pleased the Lord to make you his people. (1 Samuel 12:22)

God’s choice of His people is the reason for His abiding by them and not forsaking them. He chose them for His love, and He loves them for His choice. His own good pleasure is the source of their election, and His election is the reason for the continuance of His pleasure in them. It would dishonor His great name for Him to forsake them, since it would either show that He made an error in His choice or that He was fickle in His love. God’s love has this glory, that it never changes, and this glory He will never tarnish.

By all the memories of the Lord’s former lovingkindnesses let us rest assured that He will not forsake us. He who has gone so far as to make us His people will not undo the creation of His grace. He has not wrought such wonders for us that He might leave us after all. His Son Jesus has died for us, and we may be sure that He has not died in vain. Can He forsake those for whom He shed His blood? Because He has hitherto taken pleasure in choosing and in saving us, it will be His pleasure still to bless us. Our Lord Jesus is no changeable lover. Having loved His own, He loves them to the end.

The above blesses my heart – hope it will yours.  I know to whom I belong.  It certainly makes me believe that I need to get a new focus – I need to not look back to all of my failures, things done wrong, things not done at all, complaining, stooping to levels that are not becoming a Christian woman, wife, mother, friend.  I need to be all that I can be and that can happen for each of us when we get off our laurels and get our eyes on Jesus Christ and Him alone.  Who can forsake or turn their backs on so great a love as is ours.

Being all I can be right now, right where I am.  Lord, lead on!!!!!


A new Beginning……..

Welcome Brazil, Canada and Israel! Readers are from far and wide.  You are so welcome. I pray you will find encouragement or help along the way whenever you stop by.  Blessings!

As I begin to post again and as I see people all around me without the Lord, my eyes shut and my heart sinks. Soooooo often, my husband and I would talk about people and why they could not see the light.  Loren would always say, “you have to believe in the Bible.  What you do with Jesus Christ makes a world of difference.” So true.

I want to look at a portion of Acts with you.  In particular, Acts 8:25-40. I will not take the time to print it out but you can find it for yourself.  It is a very dynamic piece of the Word.  PHILIP:  Right man with RIGHT message in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT person. He started on a donkey, hitchhiked in the desert and returned home via air.  CAN’T BEAT THAT!!!

I like vs. 29 where it reads, Then the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go near and overtake this chariot.”  Then we read what Philip actually does. “So Philip ran to him…….”  The Spirit told hm to go near.  He RAN

If Philip had felt tired and really didn’t want to go make this “visit”, he would not have arrived at the chariot as the Eunuch was reading. He explained the portion of the Word to him and he accepted it right then and there.

How often are we called to make that visit or phone call and really feel too tired or simply don’t want to go out at that time.  We miss such a blessing.

When you are SENT…. and WENT.YOU ARE!

Acts 4:12 !!!!  “..There is salvation in no one else for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

This is not a denomination “thing”.  Strictly Scripture!  Very clear.  Hell will be full of people burning for all of eternity because of the refusal of accepting this verse.  WOW!!!!!!!

in His Hands.  Marge