It’s time~~~~

~~~~ Yes!  It is time.  Time to not be idle.  Time to not let the wonderful things of my Lord go by the wayside.  Time to not sleep it away.  Time to not wish “later” that I had done this or I had done that when I was able.  It is time.  Ah! Yes!!

This post is for you my friend, whomever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are locked in to or want more than any thing to do one more time.

I remember many times when I purchased “things” “knowing” I would have family come to visit often, i.e. chairs, extra dishes (to serve a dessert in).  It never happened.  I would purchase treats to have on hand believe it or not for when they came unexpectedly.  It never happened. I would enjoy them by myself.

No fault of any one I don’t believe.  It is just another generation of time and it is NOT any thing like what my generation saw and/or experienced.  I have a friend whose family comes by seldom and calls even less.  They send gift certificates and have to ask if they were received in order to get a thank-you.  I was not surprised. I did too.  It is a different time and a different generation and as much as we would like to believe that our (my) generation rubbed off some, it wasn’t/isn’t always the things that we would wish would rub off.  Generally, it is quite the opposite.  So be it!  Not complaining. Stating facts!!

Life goes by just once.  I have been giving it a lot of thought lately.  There are things I want in life yet while I am alive and can fend for myself. I have thought about moving back to the Tempe area where we lived for so long. I have thought about moving back to the Prescott area where Od and I spent a wonderful winter.  I loved the snow.  I want to be in it one more time but with independence which I did not have, thanks not to the family but to the driveway. Either Tempe or Prescott offers me independence and freedom to go where I want to go because I know where places are and I want to still enjoy them.

I have followed my dream of playing the piano once again.  Even did a piano concert.  Who ever heard of such a thing happening when you are 84.  Hands are bent, crooked, and yet the Lord gave every finger what was needed at that moment in time. The back?  It is forever with me with little relief ever in sight.  In fact this morning I took an oxycodone before going to play because it was so miserable.

To all my friends out there – I am not complaining I am stating facts.  You and I are of another generation and we must not let our days go by wishing for something that we CAN have.  We are the ones that can “MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

Another area I want to work on is Muscular Faith.  Diligence.  Oh how I lack that.  It is a tool that works well in our lives and the Lord wants our lives to be strong in Muscular Faith.  Otherwise, we become idle, wishy, washy, oh-me-oh-my attitude.

I have friends who always go to visit their parents weekly but it is mostly dull, grippy, not feeling good, doing nothing but sit in front of a TV.  Well.  That is what life is all about for every generation at a particular season of life. All humans get on the same highway of living at a certain time in their lives.  Some may live it at a higher quality than others but they STILL have to get on the same highway of life and life then gets a bit moldy, cracked, chipped, and lonely.

Dear Reader – I am writing tonight because I want to encourage you to do what you dream of.  Do what you would like to do before you have no choice except “what you are told”.  I have lived here long enough to know I want some freedom.  Not from people but from what my eyes see, and what I hear experienced by some.  It is best, if you possibly can, to live outside a Senior Adult community as long as your health permits.  It will keep you young longer.  I believe it was that way for my husband as we were 25 years apart and though he did grow old, he grew old gracefully and slowed down gracefully.

Yes, my friend. There is still time for you and for me. But let’s be sure we make good use and use our good common sense (which may be only “that” to us) in whatever we want most from life when the exit door is out there in the future nearer to us than we once thought. Happy doing. Happy wisely going after life for one more great moment in time.

In His Hands, tightly held.


Wonderful and Sad….all mixed up together this morning

As I am writing, there is a celebration of my friend’s life going on in Winnipeg.  Talked with Wayne last night.  We recalled so many memories together.  She was quite a woman! Two years younger than I.

How do I tell him that the first while will be all mush.  How do I tell him that the whole first year will be one of a kind for him.  How do I tell him of all the firsts that he has to go through without her.  How do I tell him that each month thereafter will be one of a kind. Three steps forward and two back…….or maybe no steps forward.  There will be so many potholes on that little ole country road that is traveled so seldom.  How do I tell him we never recover fully.  We do heal but the hole in the heart heals without repairing itself. It will forever be there.

Joy comes in the morning but morning does not necessarily come in 24 hours some times it will not arrive for months or even years or maybe never.  How do I tell him?  I don’t.  I leave that to him as he takes each step. And as he turns his eyes upon Jesus and is filled with warmth, surety, the realization that parting will be only for a short while and then for all eternity they will be together praising our Lord and no end will ever be in sight.  No sin. No unsaved people to contend with.  No spiraling world.  No nothing except the goodness of our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

I can tell him though that the Lord that He knew and served so faithfully all those years is the same today and tomorrow that He was yesterday.(Heb. 13:8)  I can tell him that the Lord has faithfully promised to never ever, ever leave him. (Heb. 13:5b)  I can tell him that God has promised to be the stability of his times.  (Isa. 33:6) I can tell him that God will take care of him for the rest of his life.  I can tell him that God says, “I made you. I will take care of you.  I will carry you along and be your Savior”. (Isa. 46:4).

My heart tells me that is all I need to say.  The Lord will do the rest.  He is so sufficient. I am so grateful that the Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross so that I might be saved from all of my sins.  And with perfect, complete “faith” in what He did, gives me my one way ticket to eternal life with Him forever.  All is well, even when hurting from a tsunami that has hit so hard……..from the deepest of all losses……..the Spouse!

At the foot of the cross this morning!

13015274_100616600348846_1567685448577572394_nMarge H.


~~~~~~~~Think it is time to write….again.  I don’t know who thought up the idea of blogging but it is a tension releaser for sure.  This week has been full of so much.  I think when I grow up I am going to run away.  The only problem:  it would solve nothing.

I am set to have my cataracts  tampered with.  What an office.  There are 23 Ophthalmologists and 33 Optometrists, and Assistants GALORE!!!!  I have six appointments plus the surgery appointment. I haven’t met my surgeon yet.  Two of the appointments are with him. My appointment today was two hours. A friend of mine who had their surgery done there said their Doctor told them they did a total of 91 surgeries one day the week  before. WOW!!

Then I am still feeling the reverberation from Marie going Home .  I sat down tonight and took a notepad, wrote down all of the friends from Wpg. days who have gone Home and I certainly did not get them all.  These were simply ones I remembered.  There were 46 of them.  ALL of them without exception, had been Deacons, Deaconesses, SS Teachers, Bible Study Teachers, Bible Camp Leaders, Womens Missionary Society Workers.  ALL OF THEM.  Heavy workers in the church. They were not people who came and sat and “claimed” to be a christian, or people who came but didn’t claim “anything”. They were steady around-the-clock servants of the Lord.

In the part of the States I have lived in, it is the opposite way around.  Those who are solid Christians do not stand out as the world does around us. Where I live there are two of us at the round table for lunch.  We both yearn to say grace before our meal and be able to talk about our Lord but it is not so.  You can’t offend………I can say this……the Lord is going to “offend” many somewhere down the road and the tables will have turned.

Many years ago now there was a hymn, “Living for Jesus”.  We sang it often.  I found the words awhile ago. They go like this:

“Living for Jesus a life that is true. Striving to please Him in all that I do.  Yielding allegiance glad hearted and free.  This is the pathway of blessing for me.

“O Jesus Lord and Savior I give myself to Thee. I own no other Master.  My heart shall be Thy throne.  My life I give hence forth to live O Christ for Thee alone.

Music: Carl Harold Lowden  1883-1963       Music:  Thomas Obadiah Chisholm  1886-1968

How I dream of music like this to sing and believe once again.  If these words were the centerpiece of our daily living we would yield every breath to Him and His will for our lives.  He does NOT send us any where. He does NOT forsake us.  He designed and made us.  As He was designing He was giving us the number of years to live and the number of breaths we would take. As He was designing He already knew what was going to happen to us each moment of our lives. He also knew we would fail Him miserably.

He also knew the end from the beginning and he knew who would and who would not stand firm in their belief that He was their Lord and Savior and who would be the tares and who would be the wheat. Jesus gives the Parable in Matt. 13:24,25

The farmer planted his crop (wheat). But during the night an enemy came and sowed weeds (tares) among the wheat.  It was a seed that looked like wheat but it would strangle the wheat in reality. The workers asked if they should pull out the tares?  The farmer said no, it would hurt the wheat.  They were to grow together until harvest time and then  they would sort the wheat and the tares.  The tares would be burned and the wheat gathered and put in the barn.

Our churches are full of “wheat” and “tares”.  They sit side by side.  They can sing mightily and yet be a close associate of Satan ready to weaken and destroy wherever possible.

What do we do about them?  Nothing.  We are to be concerned about ourselves that we are not a “tare” but that we are the “wheat”……..the true believers.

“My life I live henceforth O Christ to live for Thee alone.”  Can you say this and mean it, with me?  Let’s be the “wheat”.

In His Hands.

Marge H.

My Dear, dear Friend of so long ago~~~~




BORN: JUL 02, 1937



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“We do not grieve as those who have no hope.” (1 Thessalonians 4:13)

At St. Boniface Hospital on September 11, 2019, and after a year long battle, at the age of 82, Marie Janet Elizabeth Hollins graduated into the presence of the Lord that she served.
Marie was born July 2, 1937 in Reston, MB to Harry and Janet Bitze. She was the eldest of seven children and took that role very seriously. Her parents were also foster parents to many children and she helped care for them as well.
Marie married Wayne, the love of her life, on June 20, 1959. This past June they had the privilege of celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.
Marie attended high school at Tech Voc and throughout her life had worked for several organizations such as Sovereign Life and The Bay, but her greatest joy was working for the Winnipeg Christian Counselling Group where they all benefited from her attention to detail.
In 1962, Wayne and Marie built a house in Crestview, where they continued to live up to her passing. Marie loved baking. She was known for making, what her family considered to be, world famous butter tarts and gum drop cake. She also loved journaling and continued to seek God’s teaching in her life.
Wayne and Marie have attended Grant Memorial Church since 1955 and in their healthier years were active participants in helping the church grow. They taught Sunday school together, Wayne served on the Deacons Board, and Marie as a Deaconess and member of numerous committees and groups.
In the last days of her life, Marie continued to look for opportunities to share her faith with those she came in contact with. She would often share her story with the staff and patients on the Dialysis Unit and told her caregivers that she was not afraid to die because she knew where she was going and who was waiting to greet her in heaven.
Wayne and Marie have three children, Cheryl (Rob), Timothy and Bruce (Monica). They are also blessed with six grandchildren, Ian (Stephanie), Bryce (Sabrina), Allison (Michael), Joshua (Kaylee), Melissa and Kathryn. They also have two great-grandchildren, Emily and Clark. Marie loved them all so much.
Marie was predeceased by her father, Harry, her mother, Janet, as well as brothers, Ken and Wayne. She is survived by her siblings, Leona, Art (Lidia), (Lenore), Garry (Caroline), Shirley Ann (Tom), as well as Wayne’s siblings, Barry (Laurie), Dorothy, Joan, Sandra, Judy (Bob) and Janis, as well as many nieces and nephews.
A celebration of Marie’s life will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 21, 2019, at Grant Memorial Baptist Church, 877 Wilkes Ave. in Winnipeg.
In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be made to Union Gospel Mission or to CancerCare Manitoba.
The family would also like to thank the staff at St. Boniface Hospital and the Dialysis Unit at Health Sciences Centre for the love and care they showed to Marie over these last few months. We would also like to thank Chapel Lawn for the care and assistance they have provided. Also thank you to family and neighbours for their beautiful and caring spirit to us. We are so grateful.

For those who wish to sign the online
Guest Book please visit

Chapel Lawn Funeral Home

Those of you, family and friends alike please pray with me for Wayne, Cheryl, Tim and Bruce during these days.  I know….I know how very, very difficult each step is during these early weeks of separation. Separation will only be for a while – we will all be together some day once again for all of eternity and our Christian beliefs and living will be forever n our Lord’s presence, never to be disputed, laughed at or told, that is your opinion when opinion was never thought of, only the truth of every word and every verse and every chapter of every book of the Bible.

May God continue to be their stability during these times.  Marge H
If you know the family, here is address, etc.  Mr. Wayne Hollins 304 Morgan Cresc., Winnipeg, Man. R2Y 0EI    204-837-3845

Takes my breath AWAY!!!!!!

I watched this three times in a row. Each time I sit here and shake my head.  I can’t imagine those who are upset and angry, and then drive these “paths”.

Enjoy!  I am not sure that is the word I should use.  But any way~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amazing Paths…

















May the path your life takes in the next year lead you to fun and adventure, love and peace.
Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!

Another widow’s moment of leverage

Strange how we find ourselves gropping through the maze of  life.  Through the past 11 years and 3 months the climb of the mountain of widowhood has been weakening and so alone so much of the time.  Times when I could not keep those three steps forward — where two of them would go back — but there was that one step that refused to turn back. That one step became the cornerstone for me as it began to pile up with time.

The last dessert I made for Loren was The Flan.  He loved it.  I would have one dish of it and the rest would be his and he gobbled it down.  It was always to be found on the top shelf of the dry Jello department.  For years I could not look up and see it there let alone take it in my hand.  Then the time came when I did purchase a package but I could not open it.  I threw it away.  A couple of years after that I did the same thing again.  Couldn’t handle it.  Last week I saw it.  I handled it.  I purchased it.  Today I made it.  Tonight I had some of it to eat in a very silent state of mind and being, as I remembered the night that we last had it for dessert.

Loren for years had a Tupperware, 6 oz. glass to take his medicine with in the mornings. I have had a plastic one but the hardness of the water ruins so much. From time to time I have checked out Tupperware online to see if I could find one.  This time there was one. I ordered it.  It came.  It is in the medicine cabinet and I use it every morning.

As a widow (and for widowers, too) we yearn to have one simple but real part of daily living still with us that was with our mate.  The leverage of that life is very strong.  It soothes.  It tempers.  It levels out the bumps in the road of life and we touch for a moment in time something from the past that meant nothing back then but for some reason unbeknown to us it is a form of silent glue to our souls. I know the little things of life, the little “spices” we used in the way we did things live on and become almost a cornerstone in our memory library.

The weight of the scales of time are no longer heavy on one end but their weight is now beginning to be shared on both ends~~~ so life is more even – more livable – more restful and more useful.  Time.  Where are you?  How do you work in my life?  You never are in a hurry – you never stop – you simply keep ticking onward and onward and onward and onward. And the necessary changes come to me sooner or later and I find myself waiting with open arms, knowing that some how, some way, the best is always yet to come.  How do you put an ocean in a teacup!!

“How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”

In His hand of mercy, grace, peace…and…leverage.


There are people in my life here at LifeStream~~ people in my life from our Winnipeg days who have taken leave of our world for their eternal life with our Lord~~people in my life who have just lost their spouse, (more than one this past month). Hard to cope with~~hard to handle except through the grace of God. His Word supplies promise after promise of His presence with me/us through each of these situations and that is the stabilizing factor in remaining level headed through this thing called life with and without our spouse.

“I will never ever leave you nor forsake you.”  Heb. 13:5a

“For your Maker is your Husband.  The Lord of Hosts is His name.  The Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer.  He is called the God of all the earth.”                         Isa. 54:5





A Precious Friend is…….Home!!

Soon I will have no one left of my friends from other times.  Homeward-bound has been their look of anticipation through the years.  I cannot tell you – – you would have to have been with us in those Winnipeg years.  Christians stood out a mile – oh, of course we all had problems as that was life.  But the care of other Christian friends and the enjoyment of other Christian friends stuck like glue – – never to be forgotten.

My dear friend, MARIE HOLLINS met her Lord on heaven’s shores Wednesday, around the 4:30 mark.  I can only imagine.

Marie’s husband, Wayne, was a close friend of my Loren.  A great golfer.  Wayne and Marie would spend a month with us in Tempe during those first few years we were down here.  We had a ball!  The guys played golf every day.  You had to sign up for each day’s scheduling, so either Wayne or Loren would go to the Club at 3am and sit there waiting to sign up to play on a certain date.  Of course!!  They had the first tee time of that particular day.

In Winnipeg, Marie and I would go for lunch?? once a week at Eatons.  Beginning at 1:30 was Tea Time.  All kinds of special finger sandwiches and tea and coffee.  Oh we ate our hearts out.  They made no money on us!!!!!! It started out costing $1.75 per person and before we left Winnipeg it was up to 2.95 per person.

Marie was such a special woman.  You always could see the imprint of the Lord in her life, be it in a compliment, a question, or simply being still because what was said did not need nor should have a response.  She represented the Lord magnificently every day in her dress, in her walk, in her talk and in her actions.

What a special woman she had been on this earth.  When I grow up I want to be just like her.  Well!!  Too late for that but God gave me the privilege of knowing her since 1967.

She was the first lady who spoke to me when I attended the first Women’s Missionary Society meeting at Grant Church.  They were getting sign-ups for helping at VBS.  She was sitting beside me and said, “Would you like to come and help?  You will get to meet a lot of ladies that way.”  I said, “Sure”.  The rest is ALL history.

I am so much richer for having met and known Marie through all of those years.  May God bless the family, dear as they are and as hurt as they are right now, the strength of the Lord will in all ways meet every single need that is before them.

We will be at that great Feast of The Marriage Feast of the Lamb some where down the road. All of our pain, our struggles, our hate for the world and what it has cost us will be all over and those who survived it all who kept their eyes on our Lord will be there and never again to be touched by Satan and his dirt and his filth and his lust that he wanted so much to destroy all of us with.

We will see you later Marie!!!!

“I will take care of you all of your life………….” Isa. 46:4a

In His Hands and forever under the shadow of His wings.