I emptied my trash tonight and then….

….I looked up into the heavens as evening was dropping its curtain over the earth and I saw where planes had been flying and I think tonight is the night of that “special”moon, is it not?

Od was inside safe for the night and so I, having my rollator with me, decided to take a walk around the South Campus.  I didn’t go the whole campus but part of it.  As I walked, I prayed for the person in the apartment I was just passing.  I have been here long enough to know “almost” every one on this South campus.

As I walked I was well aware of some who despise the name of Jesus.  Others, who feel He really isn’t important to them, they have things in their lives that they feel take care of them.  (Yelp.  They do.)  They are being taken right down the road to the burning fires of hell and won’t know it, admit it, or believe until they cannot turn back and they fight the last few feet – the last few blocks – the last few breaths that they take and then they won’t even have the time to wish they had listened.  Sad apartments in some places.

When I came home, I remembered Matt. 7:13,14.  I particularly like it in The Message.

“Don’t look for shortcuts to God.  The market is flooded with surefire, easy going formulas for a successful life that can be practiced in your spare time.  Don’t fall for that stuff, even though crowds of people do.  The way to life – to God – is vigorous and requires total attention.”

I see more and more people now who have to have something they can see and they can feel.  Living by faith is almost extinct.  Old. Out of date.  We have to “feel” good.  “Feeling” is the only way to have sufficient comfort.  The Bible is not that way – we are not robots – God gave us a free will – and with a free will we can choose to give our lives over to Him.  And with that free will we can also turn against God, too.  I have in my life time had people who have had the nerve to say that God has given them His blessing as they have reached out to “others”, other than Him.

There is only “one” in all of the Bible that God gave a person or persons over to and guess who it was!!!!  The Book of Job.  God and Satan had a chat and God gave Job over to Satan to do with as he pleased except he could not take his life.

Martin Luther labeled Satan as “the prince of darkness”. Revelation 20:10 tells us that the devil who deceived them will be thrown into the lake of burning sulfur  forever and ever.  He has been called Lucifer which means Morning Star found in Isa. 14:12.

This is my last time to write of this. My last plea to you out there.  You have a choice: burn in the lake of burning sulfur forever or turn to the Lord and have Life Everlasting.  There is no place in the Word of God where He tells us that He will allow us to go to anyone or any group any where in time to find help that He could not or did not give you.   He offers us everything ONLY THROUGH HIS SON AND HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS.  We have everything because of that.  When we go through a deep, dark valley He is with us, walking through it with us.  We are not kept from it but we have Him with us.

You, my friend, are being led by Satan – Lucifer – The Angel of Light. Yes. He is called an Angel of Light.  In 2 Cor. 11:14 we read Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.  Who do you think is “helping” you? Remember Satan gives the best first – that is what catches you in his clutches but the end is burning sulfur.

It is most interesting that all of the Cults have their own “book” and in some cases, the Bible along side but it is secondary.  ALWAYS they have their own material.  What about the Bible!!  No need for another book to “help” because the One who created us and all that has ever been created is the only BOOK needed.

Just know my friend that burning is still an option.  Some day the option portion will be extinct and no longer something that your free will can contend will.  You can still at this point make your own choice but I guarantee time is running out.  Don’t wait too long to do what you know you should do.

Marge Humphrey



Isn’t God sooooooooooo wonderful….

Oh the love in my heart for Winnipeg!!!!!!!!!! Today the daughter of one of the dearest couples that we knew touched base with me on FB.

My Loren and Wayne Hollins were golfing buddies and in the years after we moved to Tempe, Wayne and Marie came down and spent a month in the winter time.  The guys played golf every weekday.  At that time, you had to go to the Course to sign up and  in order to get the time each day that they wanted they took turns getting there by 3am.  Sign up.  Come home. Go to bed. And later…………….it was golfing time.  Loren had the greatest admiration for Wayne.  Often he would say, “Wayne is such a jewel”.  That he was.

Today, Marie’s health is so entangled that I could not even list for you in easy English words what is going on.  Last week I sent her a bouquet of yellow and white daisies.  One of her favorites when they would come to visit.  Her daughter, Cheryl sent me a picture of them today and it has now been several days since they arrived and they look like they had just come to the door with them.

Isn’t God good!!!!  He touches our hearts at moments when the sky is falling in and He takes care of all the damage from the “sky falling in”, and gives us moments of relief through His love that constantly showers upon our hearts and cools the feverish touch of the constant agony of pain and hurt.

O Lord!  Thank You for friends.  For the strength of their Christian influence not only in our lives but in all of the lives around them all of these years. Each foundation of a generation is so strong – Thank you for loving them – – for loving Loren and me – – for keeping us for Yourself.

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  (Rom. 8:28)

Those who love God.  Those who are called……….according to His purpose.  One of the most pointed verses in the NT for Christians.  Some times the verse is taken out of context because it sounds good that “all things work together for good, but you have to continue the verse and there one finds exactly “who” this verse is aimed at.

I am so grateful for my salvation.  I am so grateful for my church life – – all sixty-some years of it.  The zenith being Winnipeg, 1967-1978.

All of the Christians out there, that have been in our lives in some way, some how, find in your lives places where God has dipped into your life and given something special that cannot be reproduced but can be, forever, kept in your heart.  Once you have them – once you KNOW that you Know that you KNOW the treasure that God has given to you, hold on tightly to it. I am not talking about some silly thing that attaches to our lives, I mean real sacred “stuffing” that only God can give.

I remember times when Loren would have been studying his Bible and after closing it, he would make a comment on something the Lord had showed him through that time slot with the Lord.  THAT is what makes us RICH on the inside!!!!

Thank You, Lord, that when pain, hurt, turmoil, the tsunami of life boils, that we can crawl to You and find solace, peace, direction and relief, and that You will lead us when we can no longer handle what we have been dished. Thank You,dear Heavenly Father.  Thank You.  Amen!!

In the grasp of His Nail scarred Hands

Marge (and my Loren)

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”.  Yes, Job.  We have read this thousands of times and we feel the reverberation of those words and the feelings within your own heart when you spoke them.  We know how you felt.  But………………..God!!!!!!!

One last mini-study~~~

My final post for Wednesday is ready and I want to do one final Study from God’s Word with you.

There is so much to dissect in the Word.  So much.  I hope through the years you have found something you could latch onto and use in your life.

There are some guidelines and it will be simple to determine what is God’s Will in decisions that are neither black nor white.  These “guidelines” will keep you walking within God’s Will.

  1.  Ask yourself….Can God Bless It?  Prov. 10:22.
  2.  Can you….Thank Him for it?  (Thank you Lord that you asked me to lie.) When someone asked you a question and you hedged so you neither said yea or nay that was a form of lying.  Col. 3:17.
  3. Is it…. To The Glory of God….(Many of our decisions are self-centered.)
  4. Do I realize….The Consequences of Doing Wrong?  Gal. 6:7
  5. Does it….Edify?  1 Cor. 10:23.
  6. Will it serve….The Right Master?
  7. Will His….Indwelling Presence Permit It?  1 Cor. 6:19,20
  8. Would I want to be doing this….when Jesus Comes?  Matt. 24:4


I want to leave with you, again, the FAITH subject.  The concept that is so rich and we all need to learn it and put it to work in our lives.

The Bible does NOT give a definition of Faith.  Hebrews 11:1 is not a definition.  It is a description.  Let’s define the two and see if this is correct.

Definition:     The action or power of making definite and clear.

Description:  An account that presents a picture.


The CONCEPT:  Believing the Word of God is mental.  Faith is actual.  The difference between belief and faith is that faith is belief with legs on it.  Belief is knowing the Word of God.  Faith is knowing the God of that Word.

I leave one plea with you.  I know many of you go to Bible Studies and listen to women speakers and have the questions at the end of the chapter to file in with what you believe should be there.  Any one can do those.  Your answers become one of a million.  And basically you don’t put it to use in your life.  You simply are chalking up another Study that you went to.

Go to a Study whereby the only place you find the answer is in God’s Word, and you fill in the spaces FROM GOD’S WORD.  The answer is not at that point something YOU have derived or heard some one else say, but it is right out of the BIBLE.

Dr. Adrian Rogers, Home now with our Lord, has tremendous Studies and you will get far more from them than any you take or re-take (unbelievable).  May I ask you – may I plead with you – – – to try just one – – just ONE of his studies.  You will never be the same.  Your answers will never be something you have thought up.  It will be your Heavenly Professor lecturing you and teaching you at the same time.

The Study entitled,  BELIEVING IS SEEING – A Study of Faith.  Go online to lwf.org    Scroll the Studies and you will find it.  Make a HARD COPY  and with that open Bible, find the answers as our Heavenly Father teaches you.  Mega Blessings.

Satisfied in His Word….

Marge H.






Just thinking……….

……..I know.  That can be dangerous for me!!  March 31st is a fifth Sunday and that Sunday night at church I am doing a mini concert, sprinkled in with a guitar and two very special singers.  I am looking forward to that.  I have eight pieces of music chosen and fresh copies of them and Monday I will begin to refresh them.

If any of you might be in the area, Shepherd’s Gate Comm. Church meets in Faith Presbyterian Church at 16000 N. Del Webb Blvd. here in Sun City.  It will begin at 5pm, on March 31st.  How I would love to look out over that 125 seat chapel and see “you” there.

I have never done any thing like this before.  This is the sweetest little church.  Four of them have agreed to be my source of transportation on Sundays to and from church.  We go out each Sunday noon for lunch.  They have several places they go so each Sunday is different and that is nice.

Back to the music.  I have a wonderful piano to use.  When I hit those bass notes, it makes my soul resonate!! So powerful.  It is an upright and is a beauty.

I can’t believe I have been back at A-8 for almost three months.  How time flies.  It pays to make the most of every day.  At times it seems like the day is here and gone in one breath.  Take the time to smell the roses.  Tomorrow may be too late.  I am now three days away from my last post.  That too, is hard to realize.  But it has been a very long time – a time filled will change, purpose, willingness to turn around and start again when things don’t go as planned.  So much going on everywhere.

Till next time!


I wonder ~~~~

~~~~what will I post between this day and one week from this day.  I have thought today about all the huge number of postings I have done in all of these years.  How we have grown together – – some I have never met, never will, only on paper.  We have come a long way through these years.

God was so good as to not let us be able to see the future.  I think there have been times that if we could have, we would not have been able to continue on.  We simply would not have thought it possible to move ahead with the obstacles that were there before us.  But when we take one step at a time, there is sufficiency to our thought pattern and our actual thinking/being/doing.

Well ~~ we will have a look back where we have been, how far we have come and where to ….now!  One thing for sure:  “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever”.  He did not/does not/will not change.  Thank goodness for stability!!

Til another time.  Marge H.

Being old doesn’t help me comprehend~~~~

I may have decided to do something backwards.  DON’T SAY IT!!!!  I am not able to understand what FB is saying re what can and what cannot be printed.  I know I have had posts that have not been allowed to go on FB as they once did.

Now.  With me going over to FB more and giving up the Blog, it will certainly not be as intimate as it once was.  The only real reason for being a part of it is that people come out of the woodwork and after many years you pick up friendships as though you had never been a part.  For me, that is all it is good for.  But that is something special and important.

I am disappointed with the way I see our culture, even ourselves becoming like wilted lettuce.  One thing I notice that people today like and that is having all the “good stuff” right now.  Satan is a giver of those kind of things.  He gives the best first and then you drown later.  But God gives the best last. Well. I know who will have the last say.

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “When we lose one blessing another is often most unexpectedly given in it’s place”.  How true.  I have seen that alive and well in my life these past few weeks.  God is alive and at work and no matter how in-depth Satan becomes, he can never outdo God.  So onward we march.

In His Steps,


I forgot.

One gal asked what a service looked like for a Sr Adult Church service.  I already listed it in my previous post.  I forgot I was to give another answer so here tis.  A gal wanted to know what my place looked like when the holiday season things were down.  This is what it looks like right now. Not much more will be done before summer. The “heart” will probably give way to a wreath later.

Better get all these pictures and questions out-of-the-way now because the FB will be different.  But OH MY!!!!  I already see I am going to love FB.  AND I HATED IT!!  Old people should be forced to do things.  They would find out what they had been missing for so long.  The same was true with paper towels.  Remember when the various size sheets per roll first came out?  WHAT A WASTE.  MAKE THEM ALL ONE SIZE.  But then I got a roll accidentally.  I NEVER KNEW IT WAS SO HELPFUL to have a different size available. Now I don’t buy a roll with just one size sheet on it.  Ho Hum.

DSCN0128.jpgOd has his parking spot and I have mine and between his stroller and my rollator the choice parking spots are taken.  The cane is fast giving way to the rollator.  It is steadier, however when he feels like walking I usually take the cane so he can go faster.

Gotta run.  Blessed rest of the weekend.

Marge H.