Me….to you!

June….quickly arriving

Each June I wonder – – how will I feel – what will I do – how will I think.  Will it be different – more so, than last June?

My love for Loren is as it was when he was with me. Have never lost it.  Have never gained any.  The love seems to feel alive and well.  We were in our love together.  It never left – it never waned – it was solid in every way. I know that I will meet him again some day but not as my husband, nor I his wife.  I do not understand how that can be. But I know our love will be purer than it ever was because we will be transformed and with our new bodies and new minds, we will be more alive than we ever were but in a purely different way.

Jesus said, “There will be no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven.”  Family members who are not in heaven with the saved are not cried over. We are told there are no tears in heaven.  We will have different bodies – different minds.  We will not think as we have here on the earth.  We do not know what we shall be like but we know that when we see Him, we shall be like Him because we shall see Him as He is. A lot we have to take by faith.

Yes.  Of course.  Every one can believe in God.  But that is not what is asked of us.  The Word tells us that even “the demons believe in God…….and tremble.”  Without the Bible in the home, opened, read, prayed over, memorized in parts, understood as a part of our earthly living, we are not too well developed as a Christian, and in fact, are not Christians.

Faith is what we live by and that is what makes Christianity difficult for so many.  To have to believe by faith, is difficult and not something that can be purchased.  It is gained only through the development of saturating our very beings with the Word and letting it seep deep within the crevices of our being.

Abraham and his son and a few of his men went to the mountain to worship.  We are not told how Abraham felt when God gave him instructions.  We do not know if he told his wife about the encounter with God or not. Abraham told his men to wait there and “they” would return.  “They”?  But God told him to sacrifice his son – – his only son – He was told  many nations would emerge.  How could that be if he was sacrificed?

Noah took 100 years to build an ark.  No one had ever seen rain, only a mist.  Think how Noah felt – he too, had never seen rain.  How was the ark going to work? What did his wife think!!!!!

Job had lost his whole family except dear Mrs. Job – in fact he lost every thing he had at the hands of Satan.  But he never once turned on God.  In fact he witnessed by saying, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”.

This one thing I do know.  Faith is exposed to us through the Word and the Word alone.  We can learn all God wants us to know by studying it. Hebrews is a good place to begin but Romans and James are good as well as Ephesians.

We are not saved BY good works but FOR good works. We find that in Eph. 2:8-10.

Both Paul and James agree that works are the proof of salvation, but not the path to salvation. James 2:21-24.  The child of God does not work to be saved, he works because he is saved.

I read whereby Martin Luther said, “A person is saved by faith alone, but not by faith that is alone.”  He had his eyes opened when studying Romans 1:17.

Dear friend, on the brink of another June I hunger to know more  – to understand more – to be closer to my Lord.

I know life is short.  I know I live on borrowed time. The Word reads, “As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, or if due to strength, eighty years, yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; but soon it is gone and we fly away.”  Ps. 90:10.  “So teach us to number our days that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.”  Ps. 90:12.

Oh!  That we may hunger for the Word.  Hunger to live by It and It alone.  The eleventh June is fast approaching and my heart searches the Word and how to live the rest of my life.  God’s Word has all of the answers for living my friend.  Loren knew it.  I know it!  Praise His Holy Name.

Amen!  Marge

This is interesting..real..and so true for many.

What Can Money Buy?
   “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption” (Gal. 6:8). When a person gives himself to the world and sows for worldly gain, his harvest can be money, affluence, success, pleasure, and freedom from hunger, from cold, and from heat. In many ways he can find a harvest that is seemingly grand. But Paul says that there is also another harvest in it, and that harvest is corruption, decay, and loss. The apostle says that there are no spiritual rewards or harvests when a person sows just for the world.
   For example, money can buy a bed, but not sleep. Money can buy food, but not appetite. Money can buy a house, but not a home. Money can buy medicine, but not health. Money can buy amusement and pleasure, but not happiness. Money can buy gifts, but not love. Money can buy a crucifix, but not a Savior. When we sow for worldly gain, then the harvest is corruption, loss, and decay.
   Two men were driving through a beautiful estate crowned by a lovely mansion, with fertile fields all around it. The man asked his companion, “What is the value of this great estate?” His friend replied, “I cannot tell you the value of it, but I can tell you what it cost the owner.” The other fellow said, “What?” And he replied, “It cost him everything he had. It cost him his soul.”
As I read this I thought of Matthew 16:26.
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?  Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?
In His grasp forever!  Marge H.

So true! I JUST KNEW IT!!!!!!

“Don’t give up.  God will answer your prayer in the perfect way at the perfect time.”

And so it happened.  I emailed Dr Tom, Od’s Doctor and they have the perfect place that they board their dogs when on vacation or at Conferences.  The Kimbur PetWash and Suites will be Od’s vacationing spot.  You probably can pull it up on

The “Suites” are so cute.  He has his duffle bag just about packed and he will take his bed with him and his blankets.  Oh my….the life of a dog.

I am so comfortable with this.  I had looked at others but not at all like this one. It is family owned and the husband spends the nights at the check-in desk, so as to speak, so they are never alone.

Yip.  Don’t give up. God will answer your prayer in the perfect way at the perfect time. I can vouch for that.  it has happened over and over and over again for me.  God will NEVER give up on me He cares so much because He GAVE so much in order for me to have eternity with Him.  Absolutely magnificent in every way.

In His Hands and on His Road.  Marge………..and Od, too.




How Great is this!!!!

It is still early morning and on my computer I was surfing a bit and this came up.

“Don’t give up.  God will answer your prayer in the perfect way at the perfect time.”

That is the greatest news that I could have heard on the 17th of May with Od by my side asleep at 4:44am.

I have no doubt.  That is the way He works.  What a great God we Christians serve!!

So true!!

Mini Tour….in progress. Enjoy!

The last thing was finished this afternoon.  A long week, indeed but so very worth it all.  Here it is.DSCN0132.jpgDSCN0133.jpg

DSCN0134.jpgDSCN0135.jpgDSCN0136.jpgDSCN0137.jpgDSCN0138.jpgThis is not the Wrigley property!!  But we love it.  Same size as the Efficiency but arranged differently.

This morning I went to the Lutheran Thrift Store and found the neatest table and chairs.  The table was waaaaay to large but the chairs were so perfect.  I asked if I could buy the whole set but take only two chairs as I did not need 4 chairs or the table.  They quickly agreed without even thinking.  The chair above in the kitchen is one of them.  Higher than most and just what I need to get up from a sitting position.

It is so like a home.  I was able to arrange things so differently than from A8.  I think Od is very happy to have first place with me again.  He has been spending time under the bed not too happy when I have been gone or simply too busy for him.  Every thing is done now and we can enjoy together for the next little while.

This weekend I am praying fervently for a good place for Od for him to vacation to while I am having the knee replaced.  Two weeks plus two days until surgery.  All is go so far.  I have not been told any of the tests they required need any looking into and since it was a week ago that they were taken I am quite sure all is well.

My surgeon told me, “of course, you know there are risks.”  I informed him, “my days were numbered before I was born.  I can not extend them even if I wanted to, and I do not want to.”  So he is on his own to do his best and I am sure he will.  I am taking the month of June off from my piano work and if I can return earlier I will but I am not going to push it.

Any time you are in the area, drop by the door will always be open to you.

Blessings to each.  Marge (and Od)

P.S. It is now time whereby I have to find a place for Od or cancel my surgery.  It is full speed ahead and much, much prayer.  He will be 16 on 5/26.  Sweet little guy.  But does not do well with other dogs and needs one on one care and love. And so hard to put him some where, where he has no idea why he is there, or where I am. It’s gotta happen this next week.  Just gotta!!




Thank you so much!!

Yes.  The birthday came around.  The move was on Monday and Tuesday it was a time to work 40 minutes and rest 20 minutes.  Very hard for me this time.  I do so much though remember so many many other moves that were so much fun as far as the moving went but the reasons back of such actions were not particularly ones to be proud of.  But it is behind me now and ahead I see sunlight coming out and clear skies for living life is here.

I had so many cards and phone calls and Facebookers.  My daughter and her husband sent me the sweetest floral arrangement.  It was in a teacup and saucer.  So quaint. So special.  Thanks Jan and Steve.

Becoming 84 and already spent three days in the 85th year finds me realizing more each day how fast life is flying by.  Only what is done for Christ will survive.  I pray to become more and more addicted to His Word and may it saturate my very soul as this year progresses.  Amen.

In His loving care.  Marge