Moments with Marge

It’s Saturday night~~~

The sweet little wedding ceremony is over.  Sweetness at its peak. BUT NOT FOR ME~~~~~~~. I came home and informed Od that it would continue being “me and thee”.

I love seeing other people get together but I don’t have time for that and to have to begin to compromise and share and…and…and. whatever else comes along, it ain’t for this ole lady. A gal told me this week the only way she would marry again would be if he was tall dark and handsome.  I said the only way I would marry again would be if it was my Loren. You bet!  I would jump at marriage then.

I am so content waiting for my new apartment and doing my piano work at church which is becoming more and more. Loving every moment – every note of it!! There is a beautiful grand piano to play and the tones speak to my soul when I press those bass octaves.

I hope all of you will have a blessed Sunday in your church. We are so blest.  We are free to attend if and when we wish or we are free to not attend at all, which is not a compliment.  In fact, it isn’t saying anything worth saying.  But my point is we are living in a country whereby we are free to do whatever we wish notwithstanding the outcome that goes along with that decision..

This week will give me the info as to when we will move to our new place.  Also I will begin to work for P2C once again.  As with music, it is solidly coming back into my life.

Today there came a loud banging on my door and some gals asked if I wanted to play Canasta.  I said, “For heavens sake, NO!” I don’t have time for such “stuff”.  Perhaps the day will come but it ain’t here YET!!!!! And if I have my way it never will.

The weather here has been so very hot – I believe 109 at one point.  I know it is 7:30 at night and still 100 outside.  Some of you are in bad weather across our country.  Praying for your safety.  Some of you are in other countries and your weather isn’t exactly like any of ours right now but I think beautiful, just the same. Solomon Islands!  How about yours right now – in the month of September – do you have the changing of the colors or not?

Always good to get your emails.  Keep in touch.  Marge

It’s Thursday Evening~~~~~~

For me I am one day closer to my move.  For a friend of mine, he/she is one full day and two nights away from getting married here in the Chapel.  So sweet.  He is in his late 80’s, she, in her early 90’s.  Can you imagine~~~~~~ compromising – or always having the other person around when you are not used to it – or seeing so many things in the apartment that aren’t just “yours”?

Oh my.  I think it is precious and sweet……..for them……..but never for me. We were talking around our table this morning and we all agreed:  been there done that.  And for me – – – – no one could ever take my Loren’s place and it would be pure failure to try.  A lot of us are going to the wedding.  Even the bus will be running for it.

This week is almost gone. I am hoping to be in my new apartment by the end of September.  Certainly everything is ready, from my end. Even little Od is taking his walks over to that end of the block.  Oh – – the grass is so beautiful around that building and he is loving that.

By the time we are settled in and rested a bit, I will launch back onto P2C.  I have been with Power to Change through the years and it seems that I always find my way back.  It is so wonderful to chat with people via email from around the world.  I believe P2C now has around 1,000 Mentors and receive approx. 5,000 emails per day. Problems in every country are exactly the same as in the States: health, finances, children, home life, parents, education, jobs and of course not only are the problems the same but also the “answer”.  The common denominator: Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes. Though all those responding know we are Christ centered, yet many will not look to the Lord for their help but …………….. there are those who do and for those who do, a marvelous new beginning is there for them and once they have found that, they have the help they will need for all of the difficulties of life that will come their way.

I have found the past few months, as the dust has settled in my life things have come back “into” my life that once were there vibrantly.  Oh.  Yes.  I am old now.  Everything revolves differently due to speed but that is accepted.  I have the knowledge throughout the Bible of the age of the people who worked their tails off for the Lord and their age was nothing.  Reason?  It was the Lord’s work, being done in the Lord’s way, by people like us.  People  who were willing to step out and do something besides sit around with a chip on their shoulder or complain about everything that came their way.  They stood up.  They recognized that the Lord would never give them anything that could not be done through them BY HIM.

I have always called Moses the “Five But Moses”.  He had five excuses for not doing the work God had for him. God became angry with him because he did not accept the fact that it was God who would be doing the work through him.  He was scared to death.  Aaron, his brother, saved the day and God did accept Aaron as Moses mouthpiece.  In the end, Moses worked and worked and worked for the Lord. Although, he did not get to go into the Promised Land because he did not obey God.  He was so angry with the people for not trusting God that he let his temper get in the way and as a result he was not given the go ahead for the Promised Land.

Moses was so righteous that he was wrong.  Think about THAT for a moment.  To us it seems the thing to do to blast them for not believing – – having the faith – – because they were there – they were witnessing God at work.  Wouldn’t it be RIGHT to get mad at them and throw the book at them?  Not in God’s sight.  There was no room for Moses to get angry.  God was going to take care of the situation in due time.

This is something to really think about my friend.  This is an example of how God thinks and how He works.  Just to be angry and just to not obey what God told him to do cost him the trip physically into the Promised Land.

But God was so good to him.  He Took Moses to the top of a mountain and showed him the Promised Land.  Can’t help but wonder what they talked about and the land was given the once over. God then took him Home.  He had finished his course and in spite of his weaknesses, God used him, accepted him and the day will come when we will see Moses along with so many others.

May Thy will be done in our lives today, Lord.

Marge H.

Times are changing, but our Lord….He does NOT!

The tapestry of our lives is a combination of the colors of our attitudes, our days, the times in our lives and the ever non-changing Lord who is forever with us to shine down His grace and mercy and peace upon our lives.

My days are speckled right now.  Part of each day is spent with my little Od.  Another part, doing further preparations for our new apartment.  Still another is determining  just where and how I want my life to radiant.

There are ways all around that focus on the negative, the difficult, the tried but didn’t succeed attitude, the ability to do and to give back, but being selfish is easier and so each day moves quietly forward and ends with a beautiful sunset over our mountains in the west part of our Valley.

I have been so frustrated during the early morning hour each day.  Two gals come over to Hines for breakfast usually at 6am.  Breakfast though is not until 7:30am.  It has irked my soul when they sit and slump and put elbows on the table and sit with their mouths wide open.  Yuck.  Some days our menus are not out.  Some days the pencils need sharpening.  Some days dirty dishes even need to be removed before the morning people come for breakfast.

With a deep amount of frustration I was complaining to a friend that no one does anything, but sit and mope.  He laughed quietly and I said, “WHAT” are you laughing at.  His quiet answer was, “You are the one that God gave the gift of Helps to.  Not them. So get a smile on that face and carry on.”  (Some friend!)

I did have to re-think when I got home.  God did give me that Gift and I have always known it.  But believe me it is the most difficult of gifts to be given.  Mainly because there are times when you are given things to do and you LOVE it.  But just like that, you are doing something else and barreling along with it.  God uses us for a moment in time and then transfers us to another project and there we go, down another corridor off and running like it all was simply “old hat”!!

God places us right where He wants us.  God uses us right where He needs us.  And when we are pliable and useable and willing we can, for sure, feel the accomplishment within of having answered the calling that He has given.

Are you a Christian?  If so, God gave you a gift.  Do you know what it is?  Don’t waste your time and more importantly the gift that He gave to you.  I know people with opportunities that have been given to them, or maybe they have been pushed into them and they are dragging their tails all the way – chips on their shoulders – – no ministry in their work – – just doing…… Be careful – God may have placed you right where you are to make some changes within you and you alone. He needs you.  He wants you.  Be pliable.  Be available. Be compassionate both in your work and in your life in general.  You will be glad that you did. As you work that “Gift” of His choosing, you will find peace and excitement and a fulfilling spirit within and you will know without a doubt that He knew what He was doing when He gave you “that” Gift.

Yes!  I was the one given the gift of Helps.  Not them.  How special.  How ridiculous to be all riled up over something that was intended for me.  Who knows!!  Maybe this time next week they will become Christians and they too will have a Gift from the Lord.

Times DO change.  But our Lord……..He never changes!!!!!

His servant with one of His great Gifts!




September 11, 2001~Will Never Forget.

It hardly seems that it could have been so long ago.  Many children who were very young then are either teenagers or in college.

Almost 3,000 people lost their lives that day. Hard to fathom in a way.  Even harder to understand as having happened in America. What can we take from it? A renewed spirit to right the wrongs as we can.  Not easy though.  Life is so short.  We are not promised tomorrow. We are not even promised the next hour.  Only God.  He knows what and when He will speak the actions that will bring us into His presence one way or another.

We can pause….think….wonder how the families left behind survived those awful days.  We wonder where the Lord was in each heart and soul that morning – that afternoon – that awful day in September. We wonder how their families grasp ahold of the Lord.

The Lord was there.  He was in the stairwell…He was on the plane that went down in the field.  He was with over 300 firefighters whose lives were also lost that day.  He was there in the home when the dad or mom would not be coming through the door that evening.  He was there when the gentleman on the plane called his wife and together they said The Lord’s Prayer.  Yes.  He WAS there.

In the Grasp of His Holy Hands through sadness and grief.  He was there. He is here.

“I will never ever leave you nor forsake you”. Heb. 13:5b

Marge H.



Isa. 40:6

Isaiah is full of the promises of God.  This evening I was looking up verses on lacking strength and I came across this one.  Powerful.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

That was a source of encouragement as I have worked all day and things are beginning to not look so haphazard.  This evening Od wanted some quality time and so we went into the living room and tried to figure out which chair to unload so we could sit.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I am playing the piano.  Always a thrill.  Always have a sense of providing nourishment to the soul of the people through music. Two weeks ago I played a beautiful arrangement of Rock of Ages – – it held a bit of chime effect and simply a different, beautiful piece of music. The deciding factor for everyone feeling the praise factor through that piece of music was because they knew the song and thus, it could speak to them. Yes. There are times when music can speak almost as loud as words.

I always wondered what it would feel like to be an old woman and play the piano.  Would my eyes and my mind hold up?  Would my hands fly across the keys or would they all be stilled?

I read so much in the Word about God using people in their 70’s and onward.  Never once realizing that he might do the same for me. And He has.

“Bless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me, Bless His Holy Name”.

I am beginning to not do as much each day and let more flow into the next day, since I have quite a few days before the move will actually take place.

Annie Johnson Flint was born 12/24/1866 and died 9/8/1932. One hymn she wrote speaks volumes of God’s limitless riches for us. It is entitled, “He Giveth More Grace”.

The chorus reads, “His love has no limits, His grace has no measure, His power no boundary known unto men, for out of His infinite riches in Jesus, He giveth, and giveth and giveth again.”

This is a hymn most for consoling the bruised and hurting person, but for me in my tired state, I find a great deal of comfort in the words and I know the music to it too, so I am doubly blest.

He does.  He is limitless in His love, security and well-keeping of His children.  Do you belong to Him? If not, you should. You are missing out on the greatest Gifts  and the limitlessness of them as well. He can bestow upon us grace, mercy, peace and strength to carry on when strength is at low ebb. He is sufficient for me.  He can be for you too.

In His care, right now.


Do…Do…Do…Do !

So many of us feel we are not doing anything for the Kingdom if we are not “  How wrong can we be!!  We have every thing upside down.  Praying is the most important of all and without it, we have no foundation to build our life upon.

We are told, “pray without ceasing in First Thess.  God wants to hear from us and when we no longer can do the doing bit we need to capitalize on what we can do and what we should be doing the best……..praying.  Dr. Criswell says it best.  Please read his devotional for today.  It will bless your heart and encourage your mind.


1 Corinthians 12:19-28
Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular (12:27).
The Gift of the Frail
   We all, even the feeblest members, have a worthy contribution to make to the body of Christ. Without these humblest members, the body is not complete.
   For more than half a century the First Baptist Church has conducted noonday pre-Easter services in a downtown theater. My illustrious predecessor, Dr. George W. Truett, conducted them for twenty-five years, and I have continued that tradition for more than thirty-five years.
   Long ago, when I had just come to be the pastor of the church, I finished delivering the message at one of those noonday services and walked through the front lobby of the theater. There I was met by a small, elderly, stooped lady dressed in an old-fashioned black dress. She said to me, “I have been so eager to see my new pastor, but I am too old and sick to go to church. Since today was such a beautiful warm day, a neighbor brought me downtown to attend this service in order that I might see you. I wish I could help you but I am too old, too sick, and too poor. All I can do is pray for you.”
   I put my arms around that stooped and aged lady and said, “All you can do is pray? My sweet little mother in Christ, that means more than anything else in the world. You speak as though it were too small. No. It is the greatest help of all. May God hear you as you call my name before the throne of grace and ask His power to fall upon me.”

When I was a Dir, Music Ministries, there were two ladies in two different churches who spoke to me early on in my ministry in their church respectively, and told me they could not sing but they could pray for me and if I wanted that, they would commit to praying for me daily.  Oh, yes!!!! “I wanted THAT!!”

They considered it not much help because they could not!  They almost missed the boat because communicating with the Heavenly Father is so very important.

How are you doing in this area?  Is there someone in your church that needs to be lifted up through prayer?

You have that opportunity and privilege and you yourself will be blest beyond measure through praying.

Blessings on you today


So many things~~~~

~~~~get in the way when you are processing a move.  I have to say, though it sounds weird, all of the times I have moved have been a real adventure for me. Some people play golf – some go to movies – some eat dinner out a lot – some take a lot of cruises – some travel a lot – some – some – some.  We all have our idiosyncrasies.  Though it has been a strange “bed-fellow”, it has been so much fun taking a little place and making something special out of it. Each place Od and I have been has been “just that” – – “a little place with something special created out of it”. And we are doing it one more time and this time particularly is special because there will never be another like it.  I do not have the umph I have had the other eleven times.  But every moment I am enjoying it to the hilt simply for that reason.

I remember our home in Tempe, back in August of 1978.  Our pastor and his wife came for an evening of food, fellowship, prayer and a blessing on our home. Several verses were used that evening, but one especially  stands out in my mind.

“By wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Prov. 24:3,4

As the evening came to a close the benediction was placed upon us and our new adventure, beginning the retirement years, of which we had no idea there would be thirty of them. They, all 30, began to bud, bloom, and become a memory- – – – – – – so very long ago.

Here is the benediction.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”  Nos. 6:26-26

And our home was filled with the love of our Lord and many found peace and quietness within our walls.  We had marvelous times around the dinner table, graced with linen napkins, a centerpiece and candlelight, with friends.  Quiet.  Peace. The aroma from the Hand of the Lord sprinkling His love, joy, peace, kindness to all who entered our doors.  Oh!! ~~~~~~ So very long ago but forever in my heart.

So it is onward for me, just this one more time. May His Hand of mercy and grace continue to move over M6 and Od and me… more time.  Just one more.

Forever in His grasp!

Marge H.