January 7, 2019.

Beginning January 7th and continuing on the Mondays that follow in January (14th, 21st and 28th) I want to share with you what the Bible teaches about Spiritual Gifts. This is from a Study which my husband did back in the very early 70’s in one of the Sunday School Classes in Winnipeg.

We do not hear much about them today. Wrong concepts swirl around at times.  The Bible, though, is very distinct about the presence of the Gift in a believer’s life. And you may, also, have more than one Gift, you are not limited to just one ~~~~ HOWEVER ~~~~ you do not have a “Gift” unless you are a Christian.

We also tend to mix up the “Gifts” with a “talent“.  I am often told that I have such a “gift” at the piano.  What the person(s) means is that my talent is alive and well because I have practiced and practiced and of course we can perfect that which we have worked so hard on.

With a “GIFT”.  I have it.  I do not “learn” it.  I use it.  And I can use it over and over again, not realizing that it is God’s “Gift” for me.

I know that my gift is the Gift of ‘Helps’.  It might be called by a different word such as “Serving”.  Nonetheless,  it is a “Gift” that I have been given.  I do not learn it.  I exercise it.

With a “TALENT”.  I “learn” the talent.

And we have heard the phrase often – – “Practice makes perfect”.

So we can “learn” to do almost anything that the Bible considers to be a GIFT, but in God’s sight it will not be a GIFT because He has designated a certain GIFT for every single person WHO HAS ACCEPTED HIS SON AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR. And THAT is what makes the GIFT so important for each of us who are Christians.  Do you as a Christian, know what your “Gift” is?  You do have one. Just be sure you know your talents from your Gifts.

Hope you will join me as we look at this important area of a Christian’s life beginning in January.



Ah, yes!  Since last Wednesday morning at 8am, it has been almost non-stop but all is done except for the bathroom and I am doing it up in a way I have never done it before so I have to wait to show you that.  lol

Od sniffed all around the apartment without ever lifting his nose and then when he got to a certain spot he was still sniffing and then – – oops – – what was that!! He turned around to sniff a bit more and yip, it was the spot that he had laid in so many times when he would go to his safety room a/k/a under the bed.  He knew he was “home” and everything else was right where he knew it to be including his spot from whence he eats.  Oh the life of the dog!!

DSCN0091 2.jpgSorry!  This is so blurry. Once I am all decorated for the holidays I will take another.  The lights are on the ground but the windows are not done yet. The rollator is now in use when I go to breakfast.  The  “stance” of my arms when I am using it, affect the back.  I know. Crazy.  My problem is just under the right shoulder blade.  The gal who gave me the neuromuscular massages told me there are 8 layers of muscles to get under before she is where the area is that she works on with me.  All I know is, it worked.  Buttttttt.  Never will it all be the same so simply – – onward we go.  The heating pad has also been out today. It knows it’s spot as well.  Happy touring.  Don’t blink or it will all be over.  lol

DSCN0085.jpgI think I will always love the string curtain. So glad I ran across it.


DSCN0087.jpgThe above is to the right of the front door.

DSCN0086.jpgKitchen is to the left.

DSCN0088.jpgThe bedroom area as you enter.

DSCN0089.jpgAnother view


Those of you who remember our many bookshelves on LaJolla.  All gone now.  This is what remains.  Enough for me though. (And Canada!  You are right there on the TOP shelf.  Of course. )

Til next time.  Marge (and Od)IMG_2122.jpgThis is how he sleeps.



The “last move” from my hands is now over/finished/done with.  Od and I are back at A8.  So glad to be here.

The move went so smoothly on Wednesday.  All things are in place/curtains up/bookshelf up/holiday lights are up outside and were on last night.  The workers who leave/come to work at the 6am hour see them and it puts a smile on their face at that early hour.

The funny bone in it all is that about 45 minutes after the movers left, Tori called and informed me that their tenant had text them and told them he would be leaving mid December.  They were kind enough to this ole lady to give me first opportunity to be their next tenant(s).  I had to say no.  In the first place the movers had just left and Bruce has pampered me in getting this move to go sooooo smoothly and now he would kill me if I even gave that idea a second thought.

I do, though, wish I could spend the winter just one more time in the snow.  But you know, if I did it might be the year that I fall on the ice and break a hip and then it would be down hill the rest of the way.  I am very careful here about walking.  My back continues to be very painful at times.  But those times are simply times when I am doing what “I want to do” and the result of that is that the back will let me know that it is not willing to give an inch any longer with this ole lady.  So!!!  I have a lot of patience and growing to do in this area and I will.

I have been on vacation for a week from my work with P2C and Monday begins all over again.  And so all is well.  For now.  Thursday is an appointment to see what we do regarding my dental needs.  Ugh.  I have a growth on my upper gum. Have no idea what it is but we shall see.  It is that time of life and as I keep peddling along I realize that God has blest me so richly with a home, (be it any one of the eleven that I have been in).  This morning before daylight, I was enjoying my cup of coffee with Od beside me resting and I was thanking my Lord for His safe keeping of me and Od through all of these years.

“Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me.  Bless His Holy Name.” 

Od is having some health problems too.  We have a Pet Pharmacy here in Peoria. Believe it or not HE is on Codeine.  Me?  No!  I can’t get it but He can!!!!!!!!  The privilege of being a dog.

Well.  It is early afternoon here and I shall close for now.  Od needs some TLC. You are always welcome – come any time.

In His Hands, still!

Marge H.

It’s Sunday night…….

….How many times have I written that before.  I am taking a week off from my mentoring on P2C.  I have certainly had enough of moving.  I know.  You have re-read that statement probably several times.  There always comes a time in a life when things change and many times it is for the better.

I have several who have determined that I was out of it and left me to flounder although instead of floundering I have found there has been a purpose for every single move.  I know what those purposes have been and I really don’t care what others think because I am not ashamed of what I have done.  However, having said that, what I have done has not ever been the real me, because I was never like this before.  But I have plowed through it and I would do it all over again if need be.

Amongst all of the above was trying to find help for back spasms that were around the clock for two years!! It was *accidental that I latched onto a Spine Surgeon who said I was not a candidate for back surgery but she was sure that a Neuromuscular Massage was what I needed.  So this was really a last resort to try.  The gal who specialized in this area, told me that it was important to get under the 8 layers of muscle in the back.  She would work my back using only two fingers for 30 minutes twice a week.  Once relief had been found then we could begin to level off and know what and when to do for maintenance purposes.  The unfortunate part of this was it was not covered by Medicare.  Three of the moves were in the effort of finding help.  Out here no Doctor would see me because I was a new patient. I visited many Urgent Care Offices during this period of time. The present Doctor that I have I was finally able to begin to see him but for the first visit I had a 3 month wait because of being new. By this time the back issue was in maintenance and we could move forward.

The reverberations from all the moves have been felt wide and far.  It has truly been an experience that I never ever thought would cross my path.  But I have learned a lot but I do wonder why did I have to go through each one as I did.  I probably will never know.

Well.  With the back always on the brink of folding and the feet/legs/knees as they are I really have little alternatives but the few that I do have I will work on.

Wednesday morning Od and I will move back to A-8.  It is the health of my body that tells me I cannot walk the distances daily that I need to until I am ready to enter the next phase of living.

Many of you are readers from far off and have had your personal problems and have followed me because of help that has stemmed sometimes from my failures and other times from my “onward-let’s-do-it” episodes.  So with all of my failures and all of my problems with those who failed to even try to understand and help, perhaps that was the way that I needed to go in order to lean…to trust….to keep my eyes focused on that which was in the unseen part of my life – – known as the Lord.  He never once turned his back on me.  He couldn’t.  He had given His life for me.  For me to waste what He had done for me was not an option.  It isn’t for you either.  He is the only One – – the ONLY ONE you will ever need.  Yes. You there in the Mid-western States who have followed me for years now, know that with every problem you have, He IS sufficient. Not right this moment.  Nothing will change immediately.  It doesn’t work that way.  But you have to keep your eyes fixed with faith knowing that He is SUFFICIENT, whether you can see it or not and whether you can “feel” it or not.

This is God’s Word. These are some of the verses that fit into my life over these past many, many moves. Eleven years without my Loren and eleven moves within those eleven years.

“..the Lord thinketh upon me…” Psa. 40:17a

“Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past.  Behold, I will do something new.”  Psa. 43:18,19a

“And your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it’, whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” Isa. 30:21

“Do not be afraid….Do not be discouraged…Go out to face tomorrow and the Lord will be with you!” 2 Chron. 20:17

“The steps of a woman are established by the Lord.  And He delights in her way.  When she falls, she shall not be hurled headlong, because the Lord is the One who holds her hand.” Psa. 37:23, 24

When she falls“. Because He cared for me – – died for me – – saved me by dying  – – He has held my hand so that I have not been hurled out into space with nothing and with His agape love held on to me perhaps with only a glance from His eye. He need do nothing really because He is all-powerful.  He can do any thing…..in any way.  But I know that I know……..He kept me.  Otherwise I would have been lost many, many times.

So.  Having said all of that, my testimony is, “I trust in You, O Lord; I say ‘You are my God’.  My times are in Your hands.”  Psa. 31:14.15a

Okay.  So where do I go from here!!  My two Life Verses still hang in there with the assurance that they are for me!

“I will take care of you all of your life.  Yes.  Even when your hair is white with age.  I made you and I will take care of you. I will carry you along and be your Savior”. Isa. 46:4

“I know the plans I have for you.  They are plans for good and not for evil.  Plans to give you a hope and a future.”  Jere. 29:11

So friends – all of you out there – – – – – – there is light at the end of the tunnel.  But the tunnel may be very, very long.  Don’t give up and don’t give in. He is ALL YOU NEED.

Thank you Lord.

Marge H.

*Nothing is accidental with the Lord so my use of that word was very loosely used.  We are never “lucky” with Him either, because He is for real – always and forever.  Count on Him!!!!!

This is for me!!!….and for you too!!!

We each one are told in the Word that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”  ALL!  NO exceptions!!  Read this please.  This gives us an incentive – – an encouragement.  God never goes back on His Word. The Lord Jesus came for us, you and me too!  If that doesn’t lift your spirits nothing will.  Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


othy 1:1-20
This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief (1:15).
Saved Sinners
   The apostle Paul, having formerly been a blasphemer, a persecutor, and injurious, describes himself as “a chief sinner.” And there are chiefs of sinners today, everywhere.
   In God’s list of sins and failures, finally, we’d all find a place. Who among us hasn’t used God’s name in vain? Who among us hasn’t been angry without a cause? Who of us hasn’t lifted up his spirit in pride—like the elder brother at home, feeling ourselves better than the prodigal? And who of us hasn’t sometime in his life fallen into prodigality either in mind, or heart, or in actual deed and life? Who among us hasn’t grieved the Holy Spirit of God? Who among us hasn’t known what it is to refuse the appeal of the whispered presence of God in our souls and in our lives? “The chief of sinners”: all of us stand by Paul and say, “That includes me. That includes me.”
   Then what a wonderful text: “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world”—for you, my friend! He didn’t come for that righteous fellow. He didn’t come for that man that thinks himself so good and strong and well; he doesn’t need God, he doesn’t need the Great Physician. He came for you, my young friend. He came for me. Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and if you are a sinner, you have the qualification for the love, and mercy, and grace, and salvation of God.
   He came into the world to save sinners. Paul describes himself here. Aren’t you glad for the present tense of the Christian faith? “I was,” said he, “a blasphemer. I was a persecutor”—like a leopard tasting blood, furiously following after the people of God. “I was a persecutor. I was injurious. But God’s mercy reached unto me, and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ was exceeding abundant toward me” [1 Timothy 1:13-14].

Dear Lord.  Thank You for making a way for me and for my family and for my friends and for all those I will never meet but who need you in the worst way.  Thank you.  May Jesus Christ be praised.  Amen!

In His Hands.  Marge

How do I Love Thee…….

Today“““““““My Loren would have been 109.

It is hard to fathom that statement.  He has been gone for so long now and yet, time has had sympathy on me enough to dull my mind and my memory so that it does not seem as long in many ways as it really is.

I remember so clearly Loren’s 90th celebration.  He seemed so young to my heart back then.  Wow!  That was 19 years ago.  Could that be possible??!!??  It was 13 years ago that we took a sentimental journey which took us 5,000 miles and as many memories!! Could THAT be possible!!

I am so grateful that I am the one that was left, for two reasons:  1) It saved Loren from the gut-wrenching hurt of letting go of the one he loved so much.  2) It allowed me to find out from the gut-wrenching hurt of letting go how much – – how very much, I loved him and how the love we shared was so silently moving ahead to times when we had so many valleys to go through with health and yet the mountains were there even when they were ever so faint. And the mountain of remembrance is so concrete – so solid – so sweet in my heart that I can actually smile as the sweetness permeates through my soul, and as it grasps the heart-strings of my life, it soothes and reassures me of a love once had, always felt and remembered, and the grasp of the Lord who assures me that my Maker is my husband (Isa. 54:5) and He has, He does and He always will be with me, supplying the needs of my life.

“Place me as a seal on your heart, like a seal on your arm, for love is as strong as death, its jealousy, unyielding as the grave.  It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.  Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.  If one were to give all the wealth of one’s house for love it would be utterly scorned.”                           Song of Solomon 8:6

“I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.”   Psalm 34:1

“Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” Psalm 34:3

Wrapped in His magnificent Agape Love

Marge Humphrey (and holding, at 83!)

It is a different day….a different way……………..but the same love!

It’s been a Grand-Old-Day in the Humphrey home….

I was working at my desk when the doorbell rang this afternoon and I opened the door to see three dear friends saying to me, “TRICK OR TREAT”.  How sweet the sound!

Od enjoyed each one too.  These were the three ladies that come for breakfast each morning. One is 94, one 96 and the other 98.  All had their rollaters, cups for coffee and a plate of fall candies. I made coffee and we had the best time together.

They speak of the morning table as one they don’t want to miss.  They love the laughs and the fun at the table.  One morning one had “black” water. (One morning I asked Abraham (our wonderful cook) if he had any black food coloring.  He looked at me and said  “No.  And I won’t ask what you want it for either.” Another one had their banana in their glass of water.  No. I won’t go on.

We are always kidding around with the prunes.  May is quite foxy.  And one day when the cart came around we chose what we wanted from it. I quickly said, “May would like 4 dishes of prunes and before she realized what I had said, Abraham had set 4 dishes of prunes at her place, and went on to the next table. Another morning, out of the blue, Abraham put a serving of prunes on her plate.  I brought the prunes home and dried them. (Took 3 weeks to get the moisture out of them), Then I sprayed them gold and glittered them, put them in a jewelry box, wrapped them and had them laying on the stove in the kitchen when he came to work. We have so much fun. Abraham said, “The only thing that would be nicer would be a Rolex watch.”  (I am looking for pictures of a Rolex and plan to have them taped all over the kitchen when he arrives one morning)

In due time we have already lost 3 people from the table.  I know when the last one of these is gone, I will not go back for breakfast – there are “none other” like them.  Yes. Others are very nice, but NOT like these.  This particular table has always been set apart, even before I was asked to join them – they were different.  They were special.  I can’t tell you how. They just were.  They just are.

To have the three of them at my door today was a God-Blest moment in time for this ole hen – I mean – lady.  We all need special moments that God prepares for us.  These ladies are very frail, though they all walk with rollaters, yet two of them cannot fill out their menus.  They need help because eyesight is so far gone.

Thank You Lord for the gift from Your hand of these three dear women.  Thank You!!

Blest by being…..in His Hands.